Friday, 7 January 2011

Stand up for your party in 2011

Last nights planning meeting come drinks evening was very entertaining. If you were there, thank you for your input (minutes are almost done).

If you were not, we look forward to meeting you next time.

One of the topics covered was the local elections this year. Andrew Janes is encouraging us to stand up and, well... stand, for the local elections in your area this year.

The reason I'm posting is that the system is unclear and there was uncertainty as to whether members had elections at all. The House of Commons has published a handy list of authorities holding elections in 2011.

If you are interested in standing in the South East check the list and get in touch with us so we can make appropriate plans to assist you.

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Citizen Stuart said...

I would encourage almost anyone to stand in the next available local elections. Putting up plenty of candidates is the best publicity a small political party can have. I stood as a candidate for Manchester City Council last year, and the process isn't difficult. You contact the Electoral Services office in the Town Hall, and they send you a nomination pack. It's pretty thick, and looks daunting, but the forms are quite simple to fill in once you get into them. The most important thing is to get ten nomination signatures from people who are registered to vote in your ward - these people don't have to be supporters necessarily, they're just signing the form to say that they're happy for your name to appear on the ballot. I got eight out of the necessary ten signatures going door to door in less than an hour - easy. After that, you just need to get the forms submitted as early as possible, and definitely before the nomination deadline. After that, you just need to be concerned with campaigning, which basically means delivering loads of leaflets. If any Libertarian Party members want advice about this, you know how to get in touch with me.