Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Branch update

It's been quiet on the blog for ten days now, so its about time there was a little update. It's not as if there isn't anything happening!

The new leader, Andrew Withers has made it clear that the beginning of 2011 is a period of consolidation for the Party with internal structures his top priority. He's working hard to ensure the Party activism is focused in the right places and the South East branch is working hard on his agenda.

The biggest thing on the plate for South East activists is the national web site rebuild. There is a lot of communication to handle behind the scenes and preparatory work is starting. As you'd expect from an area including London, the largest contribution is from our branch.

Max and Rob are actively working to improve email communication while your branch committee and local activists give input into the feature set and platform considerations. We want to make this a compelling busy site which will act as a front door to Libertarian politics in the UK. Ken's vision on this is spot on!

If you want to contribute nationally or locally, then please come along to the Rose and Crown on 6th January and let us know. You can also find us online. See you soon!

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