Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Lifestyle seminar with Yaron Brook at the ASI [Jan]

Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute is giving a Seminar at the Adam Smith Institute in January

Judging by the seminars title ("How to be a Rational Egoist") this is not a political talk, but Yaron Brook is a great speaker and I'm certain members will find the content enjoyable and useful on a personal level.

It takes place on the 26th January in central London.

Full details at the ASI.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Branch update

It's been quiet on the blog for ten days now, so its about time there was a little update. It's not as if there isn't anything happening!

The new leader, Andrew Withers has made it clear that the beginning of 2011 is a period of consolidation for the Party with internal structures his top priority. He's working hard to ensure the Party activism is focused in the right places and the South East branch is working hard on his agenda.

The biggest thing on the plate for South East activists is the national web site rebuild. There is a lot of communication to handle behind the scenes and preparatory work is starting. As you'd expect from an area including London, the largest contribution is from our branch.

Max and Rob are actively working to improve email communication while your branch committee and local activists give input into the feature set and platform considerations. We want to make this a compelling busy site which will act as a front door to Libertarian politics in the UK. Ken's vision on this is spot on!

If you want to contribute nationally or locally, then please come along to the Rose and Crown on 6th January and let us know. You can also find us online. See you soon!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Upcomming event- Trillion Pound Horror discussion

Picked up a flier for yesterday at Cobden centre party for an event happening next Tuesday 14th December.

Director Martin Durkin, Mark Littlewood of the IEA, Eamonn Butler of the ASI and Allister Heath of City AM will be having a panel discussion on the recent TV show Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story

Location: Thatcher room, Portcullis House, 5-6:30pm


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Future plans for SE branch

Volunteers wanted!

After discussing with Simon this evening, the following activities are being planned:

1) Website redesign- this is the party' biggest issue at the moment. New Comms director Ken Ferguson has stated he has some ideas and I am getting in touch with him to arrange a 'coding day' to sort this out. Any member who are IT geeks (that'll be most of us!) and are willing to help out get in touch with us and we will let you know what is happening.

2) January meetup- The monthly get together at the Rose and Crown will take place on Thursday 7th. I'd like to have a brainstorming session beforehand (from 6:30pm) to discuss ideas for leaflets and posters, and what our platform should be for the local elections in May. If anyone who can't make it into London has ideas they want brought up let us know.

3) Oldham by-election- it looks like this is going to happen some point in January. Any members interested in a 'road trip' to go campaigning on behalf of Gregg Beaman let us know, if there are enough volunteers we are going to arrange a minibus up there.

As we are still waiting for our official party e-mail addresses, if you are interested in any of these events either leave a comment on this post with your full name, or send Simon or myself a message on Twitter

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Upcomming event- How free market and liberal is UKIP? An interview with UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

If you're not a subscriber to the IEA's newsletter, here's an event they are hosting which may be of interest:

How free market and liberal is UKIP? An interview with UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has recently become leader of UK Independence Party for the second time. But where will his leadership take UKIP? Where does his party stand on taxation, the economy and free markets?

Find out in this fascinating session, as he is quizzed in a special face-to-face interview by Mark Littlewood - who will pose your questions on UKIP’s stance on liberalism, free markets and more.

For more info and to RSVP go here. Check out their other events, have some interesting book launches and discussions in the new year.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Hello from your local treasurer

My name is Simon Gibbs and I was confirmed Treasurer for the South East Region at the Party's AGM. By way of introduction, the following is adapted from the speech I gave in support of my candidacy.

I've followed the progress of LPUK for 2 years via the blogs and signed up just over a year ago. That was triggered by my desire be active promoting Libertarianism, assisting Rob Waller in St Albans in October 2009.

The Fabian ideas which permeate each of the major parties resemble a giant vat of toxic waste with the rivets of its walls rusting and it's sides ready to burst. In order to stop the inevitable destruction which these ideas will lead to they must be actively opposed and rational sustainable policies must be promoted in their place. This is a massive long term effort and I believe a Libertarian Party addresses the need for measurable progress along the way.

As a treasurer in a region, the official workload be light as finances are handled centrally at the moment. I will use the title as a platform from which to offer my help as a simple administrator. Recognizing that my own time is limited I've volunteered to focus on three simple things which I believe will help the party to gain momentum:


I will work with party candidates to identify their need for feet on the ground and price up transport deals which activists will be able to opt into. I have also volunteered to drive as required.

Creative projects

I will take on the arrangement of design and printing for leaflets and other products for use in election campaigns and membership drives.

Brainstorming and coordination

In order for the first two to have any meaning, there must be a range of purposeful activities taking place. The first step then, is to create a new forum for people with the ideas and enthusiasm for action to get together and make plans. I have seen and heard a lot of creativity and a lot of good ideas about what the party can do, and I'd love to see those things happening.

The plan is to invite people along 30 minutes early to the regular drinks at the Rose and Crown and talk there.