Sunday, 18 October 2009

Report -- campaigning in St Albans

Just to let you all know we had a great time campaigning in St Albans on Saturday.

We received some excellent feedback from the public and collected details of some very interested supporters in the St Albans area.

Personally I see this as a great step forward for the Party. And shows that we are capable of converting our online support into real world campaigning.

We shall continue to campaign across the South East in the run up to the next election and our next campaign day will be held in November.

However continuing to do this requires substantial funding. So if you would like to help us in our quest to raise the profile of the Party Across the South East we would be most grateful for any donations you can make to the party.

You can do this either on our website or you can transfer it directly to the party election fund.

40-28-20 92635313

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