Tuesday, 8 September 2009

New appointment to South East Branch Committee

Announcement on the South East Branch Committee republished from main site.


Today the South East Branch of the LPUK formally announce the appointment of Max Andronichuck as Campaigns Officer.

This is a new role for the Branch and it has been introduced with the aim of converting our large supporter base in the South East into an effective campaign fighting machine.

Max will take responsibility for advancing the LPUK's public profile in the South East region. Along with organising events and campaigns to help elect Party members to public office within the region.

The South East Branch Committee believe Max is an excellent addition to the team as he has shown great enthusiasm for the party, its aims and the fight for liberty generally. We believe he will help drive us forward as we aim to organise effective campaigns in the run up to the next election.

We hope the membership will show their full support for Max in his new role. And will work with him to help make the United Kingdom a more liberal place.

To find out a little more about Max please read his biography. And if you wish to contact Max about anything you can email him at Max.Andronichuk@lpuk.org.

Members will get the opportunity to validate Max's appointment and the appointment of all other committee members at the first South East Branch AGM to be held in October -- details to follow shortly.

Robert Waller
LPUK South East Branch Chairman

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