Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Tory split over de-selecting Anne Maine MP

Seems the Tories in St Albans are ripping themselves apart over whether Anne Maine MP should be de-selected for the next election...
The future of MP Anne Main has sparked a civil war among St Albans Conservatives.

Chairman Seema Kennedy and her two deputies, Matt Peck and Mary Zambra, asked Mrs Main to step down, and have now called a meeting of the local party’s 300 members on August 13, to vote on her de-selection.

But an opposing faction is backing the MP and trying to remove Mrs Kennedy and Mr Peck from their posts ahead of the crucial vote.

All I can say on this subject is I hope they do the right thing. And if they're not sure what that is I'll tell them -- just to make sure.

De-select the thieving scoundrel. Otherwise I imagine the local electorate will do it for you.

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