Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Private schools on the way out...

I never enjoyed the wonders of an independent school education. However I must admit I am rather concerned about the government's crusade to abolish them. Or at least bring them under state influence...
Independent schools in England are protesting about "too narrow" rules for charitable status - as two out of five test-case schools fail to qualify.

The loss of charitable status threatens tax benefits for independent schools.

The Independent Schools Council says the rulings rely too much on the number of bursaries, with fees likely to have to rise to fund subsidised places.

The Charity Commission says charities must "demonstrate how they bring real benefit to the public".

You'll note the very vague goal posts set by the Charity Commission -- "demonstrate how they bring real benefit to the public". Which basically means we'll decide whether we like you or not.

In addition as Fake Charities point out there are plenty of 'charities' that are just paid up Government mouth pieces. So quite how you can criticise private schools is beyond me.

The only explanation for this behaviour by the Government is control. They want complete control of the education system.

It can be seen in their policies against home educators. And it's clearly the driving force behind their independent schools policy.

The reasons for this should be obvious. It's because one of the greatest threats to the statist agenda comes from independent schools promoting independent thinking.


Roger Thornhill said...


Considering those being taxed are not using a State school place, it is a damn cheek of the State to demand tax.

But lets not let logic, reason, reasonableness or even property rights stand in the way of a bit of good old class war and envy politics, eh?

Henry North London said...

I had the benefit of a private school education. It has served me well, I can cope with things and think independently and think outside the box and see problems with tick box working. It makes me a threat because I can see that the Emperor has no clothes on and I am able to say it loudly.

This is one more nail in the coffin of suppressing independent thought and speech

Shigella said...

And well they should be worried!
I went to a private school (in Oz) and the most important thing I learnt was to question everything.
The emperor is stark naked and its not a pretty sight.