Sunday, 5 July 2009

Liar! Liar!

shopped from an original Nicholson in Australia and courtesy of the Red Rag

From the Times this Morning:
Mr Brown should engage with reality

How long can this go on? Every week Gordon Brown is presented with new numbers, taken from the Treasury’s own documents, showing his government is planning to cut public spending from 2011. Every week he denies it, repeating the mantra that voters have a choice between Labour “investment” and “Tory cuts”. Last week he gave us a phrase that will surely enter the political lexicon: that Labour would achieve “zero per cent growth”.

Commentators compare Mr Brown with Richard Nixon, who acquired the nickname of Tricky Dicky. In fact, the late US president’s dissembling was much more skilful. No 10 advisers are getting uneasy, as are cabinet ministers, at Mr Brown’s inept efforts. He has not yet promoted a horse to the post of consul but his detachment from reality is growing daily.

Love the Caligula reference.

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RobW said...

The picture is rather amusing.