Monday, 29 June 2009

Water meters for all in the South East

According to our completely impartial civil service everyone in the South East should be moved on to water meters because of climate doom...
Swimming pool owners, those with large gardens and those in areas prone to droughts should be moved onto water meters as a matter of urgency, with companies using satellite images from Google Earth and aerial photographs to ascertain heavy water users.

These are just some of the recommendations put forward by Anna Walker, a leading civil servant, in her 220-page interim report into domestic water bills, commissioned by the Department for the Environment.

It warns that all families should brace themselves for "substantially higher" water bills over the coming decade, as Britain's water supply steadily falls because of climate change.
Lavatories with large cisterns and large shower heads should be banned from being sold
The report also believes that everyone in the south east, south west and areas of low rainfall should be moved onto meters, potentially pushing up bills for large families substantially.

It seems that as soon as the sun put his hat on nowadays out come all the climate alarmists. Does anyone remember last summer? Washout springs to mind.

It's just so nice to know the state will use any old hypothesis to recommend the further erosion of our civil liberties.


Devil's Kitchen said...

Oh diddums for the large families: right now I subsidise their water and I fail to see why I should.

Roll on the water metering, I say: I am happy to pay for what I use rather than pay a lump sum that is utterly unrelated to my water useage.

But then they spoil it by ballsing on about banning shit.



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RobW said...

Part of the problem is they're using the excuse of climate doom rather than a sensible economic argument like you do.

Also they probably want everyone on meters so they can check up on us. And then parade "climate criminals" through the streets in chains. Before burning them at the stake in a symbolic gesture to mother earth.

Gandhi said...

Yeh, it's the fact they simply think they'll "move" everyone. They could just shove up the unmetered price a bit if they think people are being subsidised by the rest.

OR. They could stop always concluding that the public are at fault for crappy organisations' failings. Last time I checked Australia hadn't died of thirst, and they have actual droughts, as opposed to perforated pipes.

I am in favour of the burnings though.