Friday, 5 June 2009

Support LP South East - Donate today

The votes are yet to be counted, but this year's elections are over. This will hopefully be the last round of elections in which LPUK does not stand a significant number of candidates. But fighting elections costs time, money and effort, so please support LPSE however you can to make sure that we can give the electorate the choice they deserve.

We can only repeat the appeal for whatever you can spare.

The donation widget is now up and running on the blogs showing monies received since the appeal ten days ago.

Last year we set up a pledge bank in case of an Election. We would like to go down the same route again. The pledge will be called in on the morning that the GE is called.

Make your donation here or pledge by emailing

PS. Congratulations to Andrew Hunt in Wisbech who yesterday became the first Libertarian Party candidate to stand for election. At time of writing the votes are being counted, but regardless of the votes received, Andrew has made a tremendous effort to promote LPUK, and will hopefully be the first of many flying the banner.

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Anonymous said...

Done. Let's build from Wisbech and get amongst them (the autocrats and spivs who have ruined this country for so long)

The only way is up