Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Repeal Before Reform -- join the group

Are you on Facebook, had enough of politicians throwing their hands up and proclaiming "We can change, just give us one more chance, we'll reform the system..."

Does this sound like you? If it does you should join the Libertarian Party's Repeal Before Reform group on Facebook.

The group has been set up to demand the repeal of all draconian laws before any reform is enacted...
In the UK there is an urgent need to step back from the Police State and Big Brother government and return those rights and Liberties already lost to the public. That need has not gone away simply because politicians have been caught with their fingers in the taxpayer till.

LPUK drafted a programme of repeal of the draconian laws that are needed before we start messing with the constitution that we should all campaign for.

We must not let talk of reform smother or sideline the issue of lost rights. We must not let discredited politicians fudge and shape the agenda to suit themselves.

Repeal before Reform.

Join today and tell Big Brother where he can stick it.

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