Wednesday, 17 June 2009

More corruption from BoJo the Mayor

It just doesn't stop. The corruption among our political class has infected every level of government. Should we be surprised...

And it seems that BoJo has been caught out again. One has to consider how good a judge of character he is...
Boris Johnson was furious today as it was revealed that one of his deputies used a City Hall credit card to upgrade flights and pay for meals and groceries.

Ian Clement bought business class travel for himself and a colleague on a British Airways flight to the Beijing Olympics weeks after the Mayor said he was going to fly economy to the Games.

Mr Clement also used the card to pay for lunches and dinners with fellow Conservatives and a £700 meal in New York.

The deputy mayor for “government and external relations”, had the card confiscated earlier this month.

Now, I'll happily admit this is not a particularly heinous example of expenses abuse. But once again it crosses the line of what ordinary workers would get away with.

It's a continuation of the "one rule for us, another rule for everyone else" attitude that is destroying faith in our political institutions.

The sad thing is all the MEP and Councilor scandals still have to come out. Seems this will drag on and on and on...

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