Thursday, 4 June 2009

Anne Maine MP accosts tax payer for outing her

This is how my local MP, Anne Maine, reacted to the man who confirmed that she and her daughter had been fleecing the tax payer...
A NEIGHBOUR of MP Anne Main has told the Review she angrily confronted him for confirming that her daughter was living in her taxpayer-funded home, drawing her deep into the folds of the scandal surrounding parliamentary expenses.

Mark Hughes, who like Mrs Main lives in Samuel Square, Pageant Close, told the Review he was approached by the Tory MP telling him that he had "cost her her job" after he confirmed to national newspaper reporters that her daughter, Claire Tonks, had been living at her second home on a full-time basis, and that he had never seen the MP in the neighbourhood.

Mr Hughes - himself jobless since being made redundant in January - said Mrs Main, whose main home is in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, spotted him speaking to journalists on Thursday, May 21, the day after Mrs Main's claims had been highlighted in the Review and the day before they featured prominently in the Daily Telegraph.

There is only one word for this behaviour -- DISGRACE.

Anne Maine is a disgrace. The reality is that the only person who has cost Anne Maine her 'job'* is Anne Maine.

If Anne Maine hadn't been fleecing the tax payer so she could house her daughter for free she would not be in this position.

Anne Maine simply must go. She is arrogant and clearly believes that she deserves all the perks she can get from the 'job' -- at our expense.

People of St Albans do the right thing -- KICK HER OUT!

* Some people might call it a vocation


Obnoxio The Clown said...


No, sir: sinecure.

Roger Thornhill said...

...and she has "infected" her daughter with the sense of entitlement, too.

Disgusting. The arrogance - if it were me and I was not so reluctant to resort to violence, I'd've lamped her.

Roger Thornhill said...

p.s. I hope the neighbour's reply was:

"GOOD! you parasite!"

Anonymous said...

She's claimed for a portable air conditioner. Greedy.