Friday, 19 June 2009

Anne Maine -- It goes on and on...

Seems my local trougher really can't help herself. So much has been revealed about the 'Little Miss Piggy' of St Albans that you really couldn't imagine it getting any worse for her.

But then I am wrong on a lot of things...
UNPUBLISHED details of St Albans MP Anne Main's expenses have gone on-line this morning, revealing she has claimed for calling cards, posters and door-to-door delivery.
in February 2008 Mrs Main claimed for £1,647, paid to the Royal Mail for delivering literature to nearly 34,000 homes.

In September 2007, she claimed £1,247 for personal calling cards and a further £549 for 1,000 posters.

Oh, and it gets worse...
ST ALBANS MP Anne Main has been reimbursed the cost of filling in her tax return through her parliamentary expenses, expense details published on-line today reveal.

In January 2008 she claimed £558 including VAT as an accountancy bill for completing her self-assessment form.

She has also claimed £32 a month for hire of a Blackberry communication device, £881 for website maintenance, the cost of periodicals including The Times, The Guardian, The Sun, The Mail, the Spectator and The Economist, and £19.50 for the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.

She has also claimed regular sums of £200 or £300 paid to the local Conservative Party branch, described as shared accommodation and support costs.

Now, I imagine the above is 'within the rules'. But I'm not sure I feel happy about my money being spent on Tory propaganda. And paying to fill in her tax return does kind of stick in the throat.

As I've said before. People of St Albans it's time to kick her out.

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