Saturday, 23 May 2009

St Albans it's time to get rid of Anne Maine

It can come as no surprise that my MP, Anne Maine, has come under the expenses microscope.

The local paper has been questioning her expenses for quite some time. And now the Daily Mail has a piece on her...
The daughter of Conservative MP Anne Main has been living rent-free in a flat that her mother claims second home expenses on.

The MP for St Albans has claimed £64,586 over three years on the flat in her constituency, even though daughter Claire Tonks has lived there during that period.

Mrs Main received a 10 per cent second home discount on council tax - even though this discount can only be claimed if no one lives at the property full-time.

Her main home is a large detached house in Beaconsfield, Bucks, 25 miles from St Albans, the Daily Telegraph reported.

She charged the taxpayer £1,095.68 a month in mortgage interest payments for the flat, along with service charges, utility bills and furnishing costs, the newspaper revealed.

Neighbours at her St Albans flat claimed they had never seen Mrs Main at the property.

However they were familiar with Miss Tonks, a marketing expert with Kids Industries, which helps companies target families.

This has to be the final straw for Anne Maine. And I ask the people of St Albans simply not to vote for her at the next election.

Because while she may not have done anything 'wrong' or 'broken any of the rules'. She is quite clearly one of the many MPs with their snout in the trough that we must kick out come the next election.

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AMcGuinn said...

I have my doubts about this "not broken the rules" thing. If the rule is that expenses must be "wholly and exclusively" for their work, then stuff that blatantly isn't is a breach of the rules, even if the fees office signed off on it. That's usually how these things work - if I have a mate of mine in the benefits office sign me off on benefits I'm not entitled to, that doesn't make it OK.
Maybe there's some special rule here that makes the relevant officials authoritative on what can be claimed or not, but that would be unusual.