Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Same Old Police "Givin 'Em What For"

[Photo by Simon Dack for the Argus]

Once upon a time the Police would openly "give 'em what for", but the Government can claim progress in that these days the Police have the courtesy to wear armour, carry better weapons, and hide their identities before "givin 'em what for". What's more they aren't so racist: the public are the new "blacks", and they all deserve a good beating...

Sussex Police were unable to comment on the Brighton demo allegations overnight, but earlier condemned the protesters for their "unjustified acts of violence".

The Brighton and Hove City Commander, Chief Supt Graham Bartlett, said missiles were thrown and traffic had to be halted as police grappled to bring the crowd under control.

He said: "Members of public, including many visitors to the city, have been clearly frightened and intimidated by a small minority of the group who have been verbally abusive, and throwing missiles at police.

"One member of the public was struck in the face by a missile and had to be treated by a police medical team."

Three arrests were made at the demo, which involved around 500 protesters who had deviated from an originally planned route.*

Well I did do a little background on this before the event and I know that these protesters were under pressure from the Police to reveal the protest route - imagine the embarrassment if a large and peaceful protest were to take place away from Police - they'd look irrelevant! The protesters had refused to comply (apparently until the last minute), they should have stayed quiet.

I have to confess I didn't see any of it, I don't like crowds, especially crowds of Police... makes me slightly surly actually, something about armed Police makes me want to throw 'missiles' at them and tell them to fuck off and bully someone else.

Jon Silver was there, here's his more informed take on the day: Smash EDO protest and Proportional Policing (post G20)

Apologies to members of the Police who have joints in their lower body and neck; shame the kind who get sent to deal with 'riots' tend to be the bolt-upright-tosser types.

*Sky News article: Riot Cops 'Hid IDs And Struck Protesters'


Jo Wadsworth said...


I'm the web editor at The Argus. I'm glad you liked the picture our chief photographer Simon Dack took enough to use it on your blog. However, I would have appreciated a link to our site in return. We've got fairly comprehensive coverage of the protest, which will continue to be updated, here: http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/smashedo/

It also includes links to bloggers' reaction to the protest. If you want me to include yours, please email jo.wadsworth@theargus.co.uk

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Bad Gandhi! Considered yourself chastised by the nice lady.

(Unless you like that kind of thing, of course! :o)

RobW said...


Issue resolved. Thanks Rob. Any problems please email me at robert.waller@lpuk.org

Anonymous said...

Surely there's lots and lots of CCTV footage showing the protesters throwing missiles at the poor little policemen...

Gandhi said...

Jo: SORRY! I was tapping around, didn't remember precisely where I'd been or where I'd got the image from... The local blogger link came from the Argus also. MY BAD.