Monday, 4 May 2009

Living on £50 a week

Some of you may regard this as typical BBC propaganda. And I admit it does strike me a little like that.

But the important point about this video is the situation this girl finds herself in...
And when there is the possibility of work it can mean having to survive on even less - because rates of pay are low and the hours offered do not equal full-time employment.

While making the video diary Suada was offered a job waitressing - but only 30 hours a month, at the minimum wage for under-21s, £4.77. This would have meant losing her council tax benefit and some, if not all of her housing benefit, leaving her considerably out of pocket.

Given that the margins on JSA are tight, this made it a very hard decision to make. She asked for time to think about it but when she called back to take the job the manager had given it to someone else.

How can we have a situation in this country where anyone would even consider this? You should take the job. It's good for you emotionally and offers the potential of improvement -- which benefits don't.

We all know why this situation arises. It's because of our screwed tax/benefits system. The first thing that needs to be done is to remove all people earning less than £20,000 from paying any tax (except VAT of course).

Also of interest is that she pays £5 a week for her TV licence. Which suggests mentally we've still got a long way to fall in this country. Because a tele is hardly one of life's essentials.

My advice to the young lady is get rid of the tele and go to the library.

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Anonymous said...

Better still, abolish the TV license!