Sunday, 3 May 2009

Let's ban ticket touts

Every week now I build up more evidence of the left-wing nature of my local rag. Today I stumbled across a hilarious blog on ticket touts by 'up and coming' journalist David Houssein...
Ticket touts bother me to the point where I actually feel violent. You know the type; they hang around tube stations and pace up and down the queue outside the venue shouting “Any tickets for tonight? Buy or sell”

Why the government do nothing to stop these toothless, cousin bothering, immoral, greedy scumbags is beyond me. I can only assume that it’s because touts remind them so much of themselves.
A quick Google search brings up tales of fans who try to buy tickets the instant they go on sale, only to find they’ve sold out, yet appear on Ebay shortly after with 300% mark-ups. How can this be fair? How dare they profit from the fruits of someone else creative ability? How dare they hold tickets ransom? How dare they get in the way of an individual and the simple pleasures in life?

This post is fantastic it combines moral indignation and economic quackery brilliantly. Just what you expect from your typical lefty idiot.

Let's just take a look at one of the points David raises...
How dare they profit from the fruits of someone else creative ability?

The point to be made here is the touts aren't actually profiting from someone else's creativity. The producer of said 'creativity' has already sold and, one would hope, profited from their creativity.

The tout profits from the willingness of the fan to pay. And this profit generally relates to the ratio of supply against demand. Which is always going to be a problem with staged events as there is always a limited supply of tickets.

In addition at no point is the fan forced to buy anything. So there is nothing unfair about this relationship. The fan can decide either to stay at home or pay the market rate.

And what are the likely consequences of a government ban? Well not an end to touting. The most likely consequence is an increase in the price of touted tickets due to the increased risks involved.

There is nothing greedy about touts. The tout has not stolen anything. The artist has willing sold their creativity at a price they are happy with. And the tout has not forced anyone to buy their ticket(s).

The only thing touts reveal is that maybe some artists undersell themselves.


BenS said...

I've always wondered about the indignation of some against ticket touts, who merely have the awareness to benefit from an unequal supply/demand situation. Perhaps the blogger did not consider that more ticket touts would actually lower prices, and thus the chain would go on? No idea.

RobW said...

I was thinking that popular acts should begin to stager their ticket selling process.

Sell 60% of the tickets at a basic price. Then sell another 30% at double the price maybe a week before the event. And then the final 10% for triple the price a day before.

But then I imagine this would also cause moral indignation.

Martin said...

Back to eBay. I must get those Chickenfoot tickets...

David Houssein said...

"Perhaps the blogger did not consider that more ticket touts would actually lower prices, and thus the chain would go on? No idea."

Wrong. Touts work in gangs and price fix.

And why you couldn't comment on the original post is a mystery.

Rachel from Dorset said...

i want a total ban on ticking touting, ive been trying to get tickets to see my favorite artist Lady Gaga all wee, but i cant get any decent seats via ticketmaster. however when i look on other websites these ticket touters are selling them for doulble if not more! i am a genuine fan with not much money and ive been looking forward to going to see her for months. why should i miss out or pay over the top prices when these sellers dont even want to go they just want to make profit. they should go get real jobs like me.