Thursday, 7 May 2009

Facebook Update

The new LPUK or "The Libertarian Party of the UK" Facebook Page has been live since the start of March (almost exactly two months), and new people have been joining at roughly 2:1 over the pre-existing Facebook Group

We've had plenty of activity; there's integration with LPUK Press Releases (non-Party-members take note!), so they now appear in the activity feed... a recent appearance by Ken Schoolland (writer of the Philosophy of Liberty animation, which you've probably seen dotted around all over liber-t'internet); and now even the illustrious Ian Parker-Joseph has capitulated and joined Facebook! (He's on the Page and the Group, so be sure to bombard him with endless requests and mindless frippery - he can't get enough - really.)

[Facebook Page growth from March to May]

Looking Good! But I'm still not satisfied, and won't be until it at least reaches parity with the long-standing Group.

Please sign up for one or both if you haven't already - and invite your friends!

NB: a fair bit of chatter goes on, questions/answers etc, but if you have something vaguely serious to talk about (members), then get on to the LPUK Forum - thanks.

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