Saturday, 9 May 2009

The European Parliament Approved Video for Votes.

Would you let this be aired, to get you to vote. As I saw this I thought This is scary stuff.

Yes you need to vote but this kind of advertising is scary.

We need to get out of Europe if this is the kind of advert that they make to get us to vote in their elections.

Join the Libertarian Party.

Join LPUK link

You know it makes sense.


Anna said...

Un-bloody-believable. How the... do they get away with that?

Gandhi said...

That's the product of a very disturbed mind, I expect they thought it was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

What. The. Hell...

pitcard said...

w*** the f**k???????

product of a very disturbed mind.

And the premise is false - people dont vote because they "dont have time".. that is utter bilge.

people dont vote because they are disengaged and disillusioned. they see no reason to vote. THATS why.