Saturday, 9 May 2009

Another Public Execution

From the Argus story: "Wild West fanatic shot in Fernhurst"...

A Wild West fanatic, who was like a “lost soul” when he was told his wife would be taken into a home, was shot dead by police.

Gun-enthusiast Mervyn Tussler, 64, is believed to have run rampage with an antique gun after he was given news that Winifred, his wife of 15 years, would have to live in a care home.

The father-of-two was shot by police called to the street where he lived in Fernhurst, near Midhurst, today.

RAN RAMPAGE with an ANTIQUE gun? DOESN'T say he fired it; indeed DOESN'T mention whether the thing was operational: We'll very reasonably assume NOT since we were not born yesterday.

The witness, who did not want to be named, said a police woman ran across the car park saying: "We have stunned him. Get an ambulance."

Yerrrrs. If you'd STUNNED him you wouldn't need an AMBULANCE now would you? You mean "We've murdered him in cold blood, get a Meat Wagon to dispose of the body before anybody else sees".

Hold on though, let's just see, he was old; perhaps the Taser gave him a heart attack...

Firearms officers were deployed to the scene and at about 2.20pm Mr Tussler was fatally shot by police and pronounced dead at the scene.

PCC Commissioner Mike Franklin said: "IPCC investigators are currently carrying out enquiries to establish exactly what happened in this case".

Nope. Doesn't say a thing about stun-guns/Tasers, cold-blooded murder. No need for an investigation it's all perfectly clear.

I think we know who was shouting "YEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAW!"

NOT Mr Tussler.

Now, will the cowboy firearms officer be explaining himself to Mrs Tussler? I doubt it, not since she's been declared a non-person.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see that it is a balanced viewpoint from you usual readers

Found a bullet in one of the officers vest, alleged it came from the bloody great colt 45 the bloke was bandering about...

Now his brother wants to know why he wasn't shot in the arm or leg.

You lot aint got a clue....