Saturday, 30 May 2009

Gazumping returns to London?

Is this an example of the fabled 'green shoots' or just the dead cat bouncing...
Gazumping has returned to the top end of London’s property market, estate agents say, as the number of buyers starts to outstrip houses in some of the capital’s most sought-after areas.

Sealed bids, which estate agents use in periods of high demand to extract the best price from competing buyers, have also been seen for the first time in 18 months.

Furthermore, the number of cash buyers has risen to unusually high levels, agents have reported.

Logically, based on historical examples, the market should continue to fall for another few years. But who knows with the amount of money being poured into the markets.

We live in interesting times...

Monday, 25 May 2009

LPUK South East Meet Up -- June 11th

As members should be aware it is fast approaching our next Rose and Crown meet up in Southwark.

However this month there is a slight change of plan. The meet up should occur on Thursday, June 4th but this is the same day as the Euro elections.

And, as I'm sure you're all aware, we all need to get out and vote so none of the nasty socialist parties get in. Like the Greens who wish to impose a water melon based utopia on all of us.

So instead the June meet up will occur on Thursday, June 11th. The week after.

The venue will remain the same and as usual we will be there from about 6:30 onwards. The event is open to everyone, not just members. And remember if you can't find us on arrival ask the land lady.

Here is a map...

View Rose and Crown -- Southwark in a larger map

And we hope to see you on Thursday, June 11th.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Expenses Protest...

Well yesterday's protest was a little less than a protest. You can't seem to trust the public to get angry about anything nowadays...

But nonetheless OH put up a good show despite the SWP and actually got the event on the news.

And as usual we ended up having a couple of pints afterwards with the libertarians who turned up -- so things didn't turn out too badly.

Anyway, just thought I would share my photos of the event...

For more reviews of the day see Tom Paine and OH.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

St Albans it's time to get rid of Anne Maine

It can come as no surprise that my MP, Anne Maine, has come under the expenses microscope.

The local paper has been questioning her expenses for quite some time. And now the Daily Mail has a piece on her...
The daughter of Conservative MP Anne Main has been living rent-free in a flat that her mother claims second home expenses on.

The MP for St Albans has claimed £64,586 over three years on the flat in her constituency, even though daughter Claire Tonks has lived there during that period.

Mrs Main received a 10 per cent second home discount on council tax - even though this discount can only be claimed if no one lives at the property full-time.

Her main home is a large detached house in Beaconsfield, Bucks, 25 miles from St Albans, the Daily Telegraph reported.

She charged the taxpayer £1,095.68 a month in mortgage interest payments for the flat, along with service charges, utility bills and furnishing costs, the newspaper revealed.

Neighbours at her St Albans flat claimed they had never seen Mrs Main at the property.

However they were familiar with Miss Tonks, a marketing expert with Kids Industries, which helps companies target families.

This has to be the final straw for Anne Maine. And I ask the people of St Albans simply not to vote for her at the next election.

Because while she may not have done anything 'wrong' or 'broken any of the rules'. She is quite clearly one of the many MPs with their snout in the trough that we must kick out come the next election.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Expenses Protest -- Saturday 23rd May

I will be going to this protest on Saturday in London to peacefully, but publicly, register my disgust at the expenses scandal.

I shall be there from 12pm, probably with my partner but not in any V get up, and it would be nice to see a few other libertarians there too.

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is that we publicly express our feelings about this rotten parliament. Because if enough people turn up we'll get on the news. And that makes it even more difficult for the sniveling retches at Westminster to ignore us and deny our right to a general election.

So if you do live in or near London please come along. And if it's too far for you to travel pass this message on -- via your blog, Facebook, Twitter or any other means.

Here's some rousing propaganda to get you in the mood...

And I hope to see you on Saturday.

H/T Old Holborn

Sunday, 17 May 2009

General Meeting -- A short report

Well Saturday was a great success as we had a really good crowd down for our first General Meeting.

It was good once again to see some new faces. And it was nice to have an opportunity to explain to the members what we are planning over the next few months and how they can get involved.

We also introduced the constitution to the members which didn't cause too much of a stir. And the Q+A session at the end gave us a chance to answer some of the many questions our members had.

And, of course, we ended the day with a nice drink in the sun.

Thank you to everyone who attended, I hope you enjoyed it.

Friday, 15 May 2009

More restrictions on protests at parliament

You've got to hand it to politicians -- they've got some cheek. In the middle of the expenses row and they're still trying to destroy our freedoms...

Tamil protesters today vowed to fight proposed new legislation designed to push them out of Parliament Square.

Proposals were drawn up during an emergency meeting to give police the power to move people on from the square and to make it illegal for demonstrators to camp out overnight.

Westminster Council hopes the legislation can be passed before parliamentary recess in June. It would affect all protesters including veteran peace campaigner Brian Haw.

The proposals have been drawn up by parliament speaker, Michael Martin with consultation from Westminster Council, the Home Office, City Hall and the Metropolitan Police.

Westminster Council is also prepared to hand over ownership of the pavements surrounding the green to the Greater London Authority (GLA) - making any protest camp on the sidewalk illegal.

This is a disgrace. You may, like I do, disagree with the Tamil's protest. But everyone should have the right to protest outside of their parliament.

Politicians complain about being described as out of touch. Well if they won't let people voice their opinions outside parliament can they be surprised?

This simply adds to my feeling that politicians simply think they are our lords and masters.

Constitution and Agenda

Just letting everyone know we have now published the constitution and agenda for tomorrow's General Meeting.

Note: If you want a nice printed version of the constitution you'll be able to get one tomorrow.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

General Meeting Update

This is just to let non-members know if you fancy a drink with us after our General Meeting this Saturday we'll be heading to St George's Tavern.

It's just round the corner from our meeting in Victoria and we'll arrive there between 3.30 - 4.00. For more info on the pub see here.

We hope to see you on Saturday.

Monday, 11 May 2009

We're sorry.... we've been caught

I have to say I'm quite enjoying the current expenses crisis, that is to say I'm enjoying seeing them being publicly exposed. After all it's not as if we weren't already aware this was going on.

While they try to escape future responsibility by passing authority to another 'independent' organisatiion, there is one simple way to make sure they are held to account.

At the ballot box.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

LPUK South East General Meeting

This is just to remind all South East members that our first SE Branch General Meeting is being held next Saturday -- May 16th.

It is at the Grosvenor Hotel in Victoria, London*. The meeting begins at 1:30pm but we suggest you arrive some time between 1:00pm and 1:15pm.

The meeting will provide you with an opportunity to meet the newly formed Branch Committee and see the Branch Constitution.

We will also provide ample time to discuss the constitution and any issues surrounding campaigning and organisation.

Remember the meeting is only open to LPUK members based in the South East. So please remember your membership number.

Here's a map...

View The Grosvenor in a larger map

And we hope to see you on Saturday.

*Full Address of venue: The Grosvenor, 101 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1 0SJ

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Another Public Execution

From the Argus story: "Wild West fanatic shot in Fernhurst"...

A Wild West fanatic, who was like a “lost soul” when he was told his wife would be taken into a home, was shot dead by police.

Gun-enthusiast Mervyn Tussler, 64, is believed to have run rampage with an antique gun after he was given news that Winifred, his wife of 15 years, would have to live in a care home.

The father-of-two was shot by police called to the street where he lived in Fernhurst, near Midhurst, today.

RAN RAMPAGE with an ANTIQUE gun? DOESN'T say he fired it; indeed DOESN'T mention whether the thing was operational: We'll very reasonably assume NOT since we were not born yesterday.

The witness, who did not want to be named, said a police woman ran across the car park saying: "We have stunned him. Get an ambulance."

Yerrrrs. If you'd STUNNED him you wouldn't need an AMBULANCE now would you? You mean "We've murdered him in cold blood, get a Meat Wagon to dispose of the body before anybody else sees".

Hold on though, let's just see, he was old; perhaps the Taser gave him a heart attack...

Firearms officers were deployed to the scene and at about 2.20pm Mr Tussler was fatally shot by police and pronounced dead at the scene.

PCC Commissioner Mike Franklin said: "IPCC investigators are currently carrying out enquiries to establish exactly what happened in this case".

Nope. Doesn't say a thing about stun-guns/Tasers, cold-blooded murder. No need for an investigation it's all perfectly clear.

I think we know who was shouting "YEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAW!"

NOT Mr Tussler.

Now, will the cowboy firearms officer be explaining himself to Mrs Tussler? I doubt it, not since she's been declared a non-person.

The European Parliament Approved Video for Votes.

Would you let this be aired, to get you to vote. As I saw this I thought This is scary stuff.

Yes you need to vote but this kind of advertising is scary.

We need to get out of Europe if this is the kind of advert that they make to get us to vote in their elections.

Join the Libertarian Party.

Join LPUK link

You know it makes sense.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Facebook Update

The new LPUK or "The Libertarian Party of the UK" Facebook Page has been live since the start of March (almost exactly two months), and new people have been joining at roughly 2:1 over the pre-existing Facebook Group

We've had plenty of activity; there's integration with LPUK Press Releases (non-Party-members take note!), so they now appear in the activity feed... a recent appearance by Ken Schoolland (writer of the Philosophy of Liberty animation, which you've probably seen dotted around all over liber-t'internet); and now even the illustrious Ian Parker-Joseph has capitulated and joined Facebook! (He's on the Page and the Group, so be sure to bombard him with endless requests and mindless frippery - he can't get enough - really.)

[Facebook Page growth from March to May]

Looking Good! But I'm still not satisfied, and won't be until it at least reaches parity with the long-standing Group.

Please sign up for one or both if you haven't already - and invite your friends!

NB: a fair bit of chatter goes on, questions/answers etc, but if you have something vaguely serious to talk about (members), then get on to the LPUK Forum - thanks.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Rose and Crown meet up reminder

This is just a quick reminder to say that we are meeting at the Rose and Crown in Southwark tomorrow for our monthly drinks and chat session.

All are welcome to attend. And we will be there from 6.30pm.

For more info and a map please read this post.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Same Old Police "Givin 'Em What For"

[Photo by Simon Dack for the Argus]

Once upon a time the Police would openly "give 'em what for", but the Government can claim progress in that these days the Police have the courtesy to wear armour, carry better weapons, and hide their identities before "givin 'em what for". What's more they aren't so racist: the public are the new "blacks", and they all deserve a good beating...

Sussex Police were unable to comment on the Brighton demo allegations overnight, but earlier condemned the protesters for their "unjustified acts of violence".

The Brighton and Hove City Commander, Chief Supt Graham Bartlett, said missiles were thrown and traffic had to be halted as police grappled to bring the crowd under control.

He said: "Members of public, including many visitors to the city, have been clearly frightened and intimidated by a small minority of the group who have been verbally abusive, and throwing missiles at police.

"One member of the public was struck in the face by a missile and had to be treated by a police medical team."

Three arrests were made at the demo, which involved around 500 protesters who had deviated from an originally planned route.*

Well I did do a little background on this before the event and I know that these protesters were under pressure from the Police to reveal the protest route - imagine the embarrassment if a large and peaceful protest were to take place away from Police - they'd look irrelevant! The protesters had refused to comply (apparently until the last minute), they should have stayed quiet.

I have to confess I didn't see any of it, I don't like crowds, especially crowds of Police... makes me slightly surly actually, something about armed Police makes me want to throw 'missiles' at them and tell them to fuck off and bully someone else.

Jon Silver was there, here's his more informed take on the day: Smash EDO protest and Proportional Policing (post G20)

Apologies to members of the Police who have joints in their lower body and neck; shame the kind who get sent to deal with 'riots' tend to be the bolt-upright-tosser types.

*Sky News article: Riot Cops 'Hid IDs And Struck Protesters'

Monday, 4 May 2009

Living on £50 a week

Some of you may regard this as typical BBC propaganda. And I admit it does strike me a little like that.

But the important point about this video is the situation this girl finds herself in...
And when there is the possibility of work it can mean having to survive on even less - because rates of pay are low and the hours offered do not equal full-time employment.

While making the video diary Suada was offered a job waitressing - but only 30 hours a month, at the minimum wage for under-21s, £4.77. This would have meant losing her council tax benefit and some, if not all of her housing benefit, leaving her considerably out of pocket.

Given that the margins on JSA are tight, this made it a very hard decision to make. She asked for time to think about it but when she called back to take the job the manager had given it to someone else.

How can we have a situation in this country where anyone would even consider this? You should take the job. It's good for you emotionally and offers the potential of improvement -- which benefits don't.

We all know why this situation arises. It's because of our screwed tax/benefits system. The first thing that needs to be done is to remove all people earning less than £20,000 from paying any tax (except VAT of course).

Also of interest is that she pays £5 a week for her TV licence. Which suggests mentally we've still got a long way to fall in this country. Because a tele is hardly one of life's essentials.

My advice to the young lady is get rid of the tele and go to the library.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Let's ban ticket touts

Every week now I build up more evidence of the left-wing nature of my local rag. Today I stumbled across a hilarious blog on ticket touts by 'up and coming' journalist David Houssein...
Ticket touts bother me to the point where I actually feel violent. You know the type; they hang around tube stations and pace up and down the queue outside the venue shouting “Any tickets for tonight? Buy or sell”

Why the government do nothing to stop these toothless, cousin bothering, immoral, greedy scumbags is beyond me. I can only assume that it’s because touts remind them so much of themselves.
A quick Google search brings up tales of fans who try to buy tickets the instant they go on sale, only to find they’ve sold out, yet appear on Ebay shortly after with 300% mark-ups. How can this be fair? How dare they profit from the fruits of someone else creative ability? How dare they hold tickets ransom? How dare they get in the way of an individual and the simple pleasures in life?

This post is fantastic it combines moral indignation and economic quackery brilliantly. Just what you expect from your typical lefty idiot.

Let's just take a look at one of the points David raises...
How dare they profit from the fruits of someone else creative ability?

The point to be made here is the touts aren't actually profiting from someone else's creativity. The producer of said 'creativity' has already sold and, one would hope, profited from their creativity.

The tout profits from the willingness of the fan to pay. And this profit generally relates to the ratio of supply against demand. Which is always going to be a problem with staged events as there is always a limited supply of tickets.

In addition at no point is the fan forced to buy anything. So there is nothing unfair about this relationship. The fan can decide either to stay at home or pay the market rate.

And what are the likely consequences of a government ban? Well not an end to touting. The most likely consequence is an increase in the price of touted tickets due to the increased risks involved.

There is nothing greedy about touts. The tout has not stolen anything. The artist has willing sold their creativity at a price they are happy with. And the tout has not forced anyone to buy their ticket(s).

The only thing touts reveal is that maybe some artists undersell themselves.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Join the LPUK — Stop the Rot

Do you remember Matthew Taylor a Government spokesmen at No 10 saying that the Web was 'fuelling a crisis of confidence in politics', That was in 2006.

In 2006 The media was largely sown up by the Labour Government after 'seizing control' of the BBC in the aftermath of the Kelly Affair.

The Fourth Estate, the Press were under the thumb of the likes of Damien McBride.

In 2007, the LPUK was born out of a total frustration with the 'Big Brother' State, and the seeming non existant opposition to the Government by the Tories and Social Democrats. The LPUK was the first Party born out of the 'Net'

The Political Blogs were the only force that was consistantly exposing graft,corruption, expense fiddling and incompetance of Big State, High Tax Government.

Guido Fawkes claimed his first real scalp in McBride, where the media were too intimidated or in the pocket of the Government. Today he is reporting Three Million readers.

The Net is not fuelling a crisis in politics it is exposing a crisis and rotteness that is in the body

Donate to LPUK link

Please Join the Libertarian Party, we do not need a tinkering with the system by the Labour/Conservatives/Social Democrats we need need a total overhaul of our system and a massive reduction in the size of the State. We are in Debt, our unborn Children and Grandchildren are in Debt. Is this the legacy we are going to leave the next generations ?

Join LPUK link

0845 299 7650- Libertarian Party UK