Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Taking the Shirt off your Back Campaign

Its started off on Old Holborn's site Don't just sit there and accept this crap budget designed to bail out this corrupt Government and its Banker friends.

Dig out that old shirt and send it to 10 Downing Street with a note of what you really think of this budget- let us know that you have done it on

Gordon Brown
10, Downing Street


Man in the Street said...

Great campaign.

I have five old, yellowed, knackered shirts I was going to chuck a few weeks back. I will package them up marked 'urgent' and send them without postage, they can pay.

*I did think about the DNA consequences and have just put them in the washing machine on the monthly maintenance 95° wash. Not sure whether this will get rid of anything but it feels strangely satisfying.

RobW said...

I didn't bother. I made sure mine was the one I wore yesterday. So it was nice and sweaty.