Thursday, 23 April 2009

My note to Gordon

This is a copy of the note I will be sending to Gordon today along with my shirt.
Dear Gordon,

This is my shirt, and I’m giving it to you. It’s not a fancy shirt or an expensive shirt. But it is an important shirt.

It is important because it is the last thing I can give to you. You’ve already taken my liberty, my country and my money. So I have nothing left to give.

I hope it brings you comfort as you contemplate the thought that you are to go down in history as the worst Prime Minister this country has ever seen.

Yours faithfully,

Rob Waller

Remember today is St George's Day so there is no better time to stand up for your country.

SEND GORDON YOUR SHIRT NOW so that he knows what we think of him, his government and his budget.


James Higham said...

Would Gordo care about ordinary, human things like that?

RobW said...

Probably not but if it makes the news he might do. I've sent mine.

Man in the Street said...
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TJ said...

Bit of dissonance here: the title says "Libertarian Party South East" but "Remember today is St George's Day so there is no better time to stand up for your country" is hardly a libertarian sentiment.

RobW said...

@TJ Libertarianism is a broad church. We can't be ideologically spot on all the time.

mikey said...


Well done you for, given the current circumstances, a remarkably restrained note to Gordon. Gordon is obviously a very sick puppy indeed and is thus deserving of our sympathy but only once he has finally had his fang-ripped fingernails prised from the levers of power. Until then I'm happy to give the mentalist as many kickings as I am able via the medium of shirt posting