Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Mayor of London hands power to boroughs

In today's Standard

Now obviously, I want less government, not local government, but where we do have government (and the policing is an important and legitimate part of government) it should certainly be guided by those it most closely concerns. Local government this country has had suffered from hundreds of years of central government usurpation of power. Whatever happens after this dreadful government is finally forced out in the last stages of it's death-throws, I think, or at least hope, that centralisation of executive power has probably reached a high water mark.

I'm sceptical about the Tories will or ability to pass genuine powers to local level, but I do believe we should at least applaud Mr Johnson for one small step in the right direction. However, until we pass genuine power (and more importantly, responsibility) to local government to raise their own funds through taxation it will mean little.

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Roger Thornhill said...

I don't know really. Many things are supra-borough in nature so it does not make sense to split them up.

Full response here.