Friday, 3 April 2009

Another successful evening

We had another great evening at the Rose and Crown last night. I didn't drink too much so I don't have a hang over this morning. Which is nice for once.

But I'm not sure about some of the other vagabonds who attended. They may now have to go and apologise to Harriet Harman for putting the health of the nation at risk.

Special thanks have to go to our North American friends who attended. It was really great to meet you. And I think you may have helped us reach our inclusivity quota for the evening.

It was also nice to see our esteemed leaders Ian and Tim. Particularly Ian who's been hidden away in his mountain fortress for the last few months planning the demise of our statist overlords.

If you missed it -- never mind. There's always next month. And hopefully by May the weather will be even nicer.


Jason said...

Great finally getting out and meeting you guys. See you next month

Henry North London said...

Yes and by the time I arrive it will still be light!

RichW said...

Good to meet so many new (and potential) members