Thursday, 30 April 2009

May meet up at the Rose and Crown

This is just to remind everyone that next Thursday, May 7th, we will be meeting in the Rose and Crown in Southwark for our monthly drinks and chat session.

As usual we'll be there from about 6:30 and remember anyone and everyone is welcome. Excluding members of the Labour Cabinet -- of course.

If you're new to these events and you can't find us on arrival ask at the bar and Anna, the lovely Landlady, will point you in the right direction.

Here's a map...

We hope to see you next Thursday. And if you want up to the minute updates on all things LPUK South East you can follow me on Twitter.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Mayor of London hands power to boroughs

In today's Standard

Now obviously, I want less government, not local government, but where we do have government (and the policing is an important and legitimate part of government) it should certainly be guided by those it most closely concerns. Local government this country has had suffered from hundreds of years of central government usurpation of power. Whatever happens after this dreadful government is finally forced out in the last stages of it's death-throws, I think, or at least hope, that centralisation of executive power has probably reached a high water mark.

I'm sceptical about the Tories will or ability to pass genuine powers to local level, but I do believe we should at least applaud Mr Johnson for one small step in the right direction. However, until we pass genuine power (and more importantly, responsibility) to local government to raise their own funds through taxation it will mean little.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

LPUK South East Branch General Meeting -- Saturday May 16th

As all South East members of the Libertarian Party should hopefully be aware earlier this month we launched the LPUK South East Branch.

And as promised we have now organised our first General Meeting.

The LPUK South East Branch’s first General Meeting will take place at the Grosvenor Hotel in London Victoria at 1:30pm* on Saturday May 16th.

This is a very important meeting and we would like as many South East members to attend as possible. The aim of the meeting is to introduce members to the Branch Committee, publish and discuss the Branch Constitution, and discuss our plans for campaigning in the South East.

We predict the meeting will last no longer than two hours and we do plan to go for refreshments afterwards.

Please be aware that this is a members only event and you must be able to provide us with your full name and member number to attend.

The full address of the venue is: The Grosvenor, 101 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1 0SJ

View The Grosvenor in a larger map

If you have any questions please email LPUK South East Branch Chairman Robert Waller

* Doors will be open from 1pm – but no sooner.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

No green shoots -- but still nonsense

Looks like the Government are already back tracking on their economic predictions...
ENTREPRENEURS from the St Albans area heard business minister Lord Mandelson insist that there are positive signs for the economy over an early morning fry-up today.
He told the 100- strong crowd: “I am not going come here and spout about green shoots – that just gets politicians into trouble. “But I do see, if not green shoots, then green seedlings which have been planted and are germinating.”

Still a load of rubbish. Just have to wonder when they'll start saying, "If not green seedlings, then we are plowing the field."

Thursday, 23 April 2009

My note to Gordon

This is a copy of the note I will be sending to Gordon today along with my shirt.
Dear Gordon,

This is my shirt, and I’m giving it to you. It’s not a fancy shirt or an expensive shirt. But it is an important shirt.

It is important because it is the last thing I can give to you. You’ve already taken my liberty, my country and my money. So I have nothing left to give.

I hope it brings you comfort as you contemplate the thought that you are to go down in history as the worst Prime Minister this country has ever seen.

Yours faithfully,

Rob Waller

Remember today is St George's Day so there is no better time to stand up for your country.

SEND GORDON YOUR SHIRT NOW so that he knows what we think of him, his government and his budget.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Taking the Shirt off your Back Campaign

Its started off on Old Holborn's site Don't just sit there and accept this crap budget designed to bail out this corrupt Government and its Banker friends.

Dig out that old shirt and send it to 10 Downing Street with a note of what you really think of this budget- let us know that you have done it on

Gordon Brown
10, Downing Street

Locality Budgets -- a great new way to bribe the electorate

You've got to hand it to Hertfordshire councillors, when it comes to dastardly schemes they're just as good as their counterparts in Westminster or the EU.

Just look at this brilliant new way to waste our money...
£10,000 will be available to each member of Hertfordshire County Council to spend on worthwhile community projects.

The council's Cabinet agreed today (Monday) to introduce 'locality budgets' from this summer, which will allow each councillor to fund projects local to their division.

Leader Robert Gordon said: "Councillors know their patch as well as anyone. This scheme offers us the flexibility to tap into their local knowledge to make sure that the money we have set aside to help local communities gets to the right places.

"This is a great opportunity, not just for worthwhile projects to get a welcome funding boost, but for councillors to live up to their role as community champions.”

So let's think for a moment. Based on what their counterparts in Westminster and the EU do. How might these councillors use these locality budgets?

  1. They get a family member to set up a 'good' cause and give them the £10,000. Thus lining their pockets like any good politician.
  2. They use it to bribe, influence, sway their local electorate -- particularly when they're up for election.

Can you think of any other reasons why they decided to introduce locality budgets? Because I can't.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

ACPO -- public wouldn't know good policing if it caved their face in...

The head of the Labour Party's private security firm -- also known as ACPO -- had this to say about the policing of the G20 protests...
We need to approach this a bit more coolly, a bit more calmly and look at this through the right end of the telescope.


I can't think of any other country that doesn't use water cannons, CS gas, rubber bullets. Our approach is proportionate and has delivered on a number of occasions.

Basically what Sir Ken is trying to convey is that if the police don't kill at least one person at every protest they're being really soft. Especially compared to our friends in Europe. And we just can't have that. Cos that'll make Gordon look like a pussy in front of Silvio...

Monday, 20 April 2009

LPUK grows up - getting ready for elections

On the 1st of January 2009, the Libertarian Party celebrated its first Birthday. From its inception at the beginning of 2008 support for the Libertarian ideals laid out in our manifesto has been steadily growing, and today we have taken the first major steps from that single national structure into regional Branch formations.

We have formally launched the South East Branch this morning, to add to the one we have in the North West, and new Branches throughout the country will soon follow, as will the names and details of our first PPC's and Local Election Candidates, which will continually be updated as new candidates are taken through our selection process.

As this country slips further into Authoritarian rule the support for Libertarian ideals has never been stronger, or more vocal.

However, as people who are coming to LPUK are telling us in no uncertain terms, the Conservative Party has no room for Libertarian thought, Cameron has made clear that he will be continuing on the present path to a Federal Europe and will not be walking with Libertarians , Osborne is providing more Keynesian economics, and William Hague has refused to commit to a referendum if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified. In other words, more of the same under a disguised 'nudge'.

Those who have come to us from the LibDems tell of horrific infighting, with the SDP controlled leadership squeezing the Liberal element out of the party, marginalising them at branch level and suggesting that there is no room in the modern LibDem party for them. The LibDems have lost their Liberal roots and become the Social Democratic party, set to continue where Brown leaves off. More of the same.

Both LibDems and Conservatives are on a collision course with the British people, 57% of whom have now indicated that they no longer wish to remain in the EU. They are looking for a genuinely free society, services that work, lower taxes, much smaller government, less nannying and laws that are Made in Britain.

The voters of Britain are not stupid people, they are not happy about being led on the road to Authoritarian rule, and they are more than aware that the Libertarian Party is the only party that offers a direct rebut to the path we are currently on.

Like all political parties the Libertarian Party relies on donations to keep it going. We urge you to make generous contributions to allow us to continue to mount the challenge, to provide the voters of Britain a voice for Liberty against this backdrop of Authoritarian politics.

To those who continue to spin the State line that we are still a free country, I would suggest a quick review of the facts that would tell you otherwise.

Iain Dale published Damian Green's wife's top ten tips on what to do if your home is being searched by the Police. How has it come to pass that we now consider this an every day event?

How has it come to pass that we consider the list below every day events?

Ballot Boxes are interfered with
Voting registers go missing
The Police can kill innocent people and get away with it
You can be put in prison for 42 days on pure suspicion
You can be put in prison indefinitely on the word of a politician
The State can torture people
Your children are monitored at School by Political Officers

Your children's fingerprints are taken without your consent by willing teachers
Their behaviour is logged on a State database for their entire lives
Your innocent fingerprints, iris scans and biometrics are held by the State
You do not have the right to remain silent
You are watched on 4 million CCTV cameras
You may not photograph the Police

The media is controlled by the State
You do not have the right to protest peacefully
Curfews exist for entire communities
Your travel movements are logged and monitored
Who you vote for is logged and monitored
Your shopping habits are studied and logged by the State
Your emails and telephone conversations are recorded by the State

Your Bank and financial detailed are accessed by the State
Your passport can be withdrawn at the whim of the State
Government agencies can use lie detector tests on you.

List of life in the UK from Old Holborn.

Is this how a free country works?

If like me you think the answer is No, then join the Libertarian Party, help us to work to give you those lost freedoms back.

If you want to make a donation to LPUK so we can continue to stand for your rights, and I will be very honest here, yes, we need your money, click here

If you want to stand at Local Elections or as a Member of Parliament yourself to make that difference, then email us at

No, we don't have all the answers, anyone who tells you that they do is lying, but we believe that we are putting forward far more credible options than the Conservatives or the LibDems.

The world is a very fluid place at the moment, there is an air of uncertainty over Economics, military posturing, the real threats of terrorism, energy security, food security and much more as governments around the world are forcing us into Global governence, Global financial control, unelected european control.

We are looking for your help to get the LPUK ready for the Local Elections and then General Elections, we intend standing, we intend fighting this battle at the ballot box, for we are no longer prepared to stand by and watch our Country destroyed from the inside out.

n.b. LPUK will not be standing in the European Elections. Until the people of Britain have made a decision on EU political union through a referendum, we consider that the European Parliament is not a legal institution and we shall not provide it false respectability.


LPUK announce launch of South East Branch

Today we would like to announce the good news that we are officially launching the South East Branch of the Libertarian Party.

We will be having our first official meeting of the South East Branch in May. Further details will be posted on the Party website and South East blog shortly.

The Branch Committee will consist of three roles. Rob Waller will be our Chairman and Regional Co-ordinator, Richard Williams will be our Treasurer and Jenny Scott-Thompson will be our Secretary. Our Constitution will be published at our first meeting in May. We have a County Co-ordinator for most of the counties we cover, though more volunteers are always welcome.

As is clear there's a lot going on in the Party at the moment, and we'd love you to get involved. We have been having regular pub-meets in London on the first Thursday of each month, a couple of meetings in Hertfordshire, and the Alternative Convention on Modern Liberty.

We have at least three potential candidates for local or parliamentary elections, ranging from Worthing to North London, so we shall organise some campaigning sessions very soon. If anyone is willing to stand, please get in touch with us and we will give you more details.

If you would like to volunteer for anything or get more involved, or would like more regular updates about meetings, please do email

Saturday, 18 April 2009

My local watermelon Green Party candidate

I stumbled across my watermelon Green Party candidate for St Albans yesterday.

His name is Simon Grover and he provides a wonderful insight into the mind of a watermelon Green Party candidate.

Take his views on damp-gate, St Albans' recent scandal on damp in council properties, for example...
According to the front page of the Review this week, council officers have advised a Telford Court resident whose council house has damp, to open the windows and turn on the heating.

Apart from wasting money and being a pretty ineffective way to treat damp, it is shocking advice from an institution that is supposed to be trying to reduce the district's carbon footprint.

As housing already makes up 27% of CO2 emissions, council housing would be a good place to start finding savings in this area. But no. These guys are literally chucking the stuff out the window.

It seems to me that what Simon is saying is that based on a THEORY on the climate that this resident should just put up with the damp. Because he presents no solution. Simon, I would love to know what the watermelon green solution to damp is?

Even better though are his thoughts on the credit crisis...
Across Europe, small racist and fascist parties are peddling false excuses for the economic crisis, blaming migrants, but the recession is clearly not caused by hardworking Portugese agricultural labourers in Essex or Bangladeshi cab drivers in Hertfordshire, it is caused by an outdated economic system which is damaging the planet, by government failure and the greed of bankers and speculators.

The answer is a new direction, with investment in millions of new 'green' jobs in home and business insulation, new housing, renewable energy and better public transport: a 'Green New Deal' to cut energy bills and improve lives. And if billions of pounds are available for banks, they are available to create jobs.

Tackling climate change and unemployment with green jobs provides real hope for a better future. And when people have hope they don't listen to hate.

Is it me or do the watermelons greens regard all people who disagree with them as racists?

Simon also uses typical watermelon green logic to pretend he represents change...
it is caused by an outdated economic system which is damaging the planet, by government failure and the greed of bankers and speculators.

The answer is a new direction, with investment in millions of new 'green' jobs in home and business insulation, new housing, renewable energy and better public transport: a 'Green New Deal'.

Do you see the logic? What Simon is saying is this...

The outdated system of the state spending money it hasn't got and encouraging investment in ridiculously wasteful, white elephant projects must be replaced by an environmentally friendly system of the state spending money it hasn't got and encouraging investment in ridiculously wasteful, white elephant projects.

Simon, get this into your thick watermelon skull. The economy will not revive until debt is reduced and savings have increased. So spending more money we haven't got on projects based on a scientific THEORY won't help anyone. And will in fact make things a lot worse if your THEORY is wrong.

If anyone votes for this idiot just give him your wallet as well. He's going to take it anyway.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Trains -- you get what you pay for...

Another wonderful evening at the brand-new, amazingly designed Kings Cross St Pancras...

Lib Dems bring shame on St Albans

Seriously, what was this idiot thinking...

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Women beaters -- a sign of civilisation...

I thought this was 'nice' to see the other day...
MET chief Sir Paul Stephenson this afternoon bowed to huge pressure and ordered a full-scale review of riot policing at the G20 protests.

It followed new images showing a sergeant striking a woman across the face with the back of his hand before hitting her legs with a baton.

The review of how large crowds are policed will be conducted by the Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Dennis O'Connor.

You just know you live in a civilised society when you see heavily armed men beating up women.

I think this places us just above Afghanistan in the civilisation league. Which of course is great news...

Gordon Brown and New Labour must be so proud -- they've built quite a country...

Across Europe little interest in EU elections

There appears to be little interest in the EU elections, not only here in the UK but right across the European empire. It seems that people will be rejecting the validity of the EU and voting with their feet and going to the pub instead of the polling booths.

Only 34 percent of the 500 million European Union citizens say they will vote in the European parliament elections on June 4-7, a survey suggests.

Belgians topped the list with 70 percent saying they would probably vote, while Poles were at the bottom with just 13 percent, according to the Eurobarometer poll. The figure for Belgium was still low though, considering the EU is the largest employer in Belgium and the country has compulsory voting with people who fail to turn up to polling booths risking a fine.

In the Netherlands, 39 percent of those eligible to vote turned out in 2004. However, in June of 2006, 63 percent voted in a referendum on the European constitution, which was then rejected by 61.6 percent of Dutch voters.

The only time that voters have come out in strength in any EU member state has been to reject the Constitution at a time when referendums were still allowed.

In Britain, 30 percent of respondents said they would definitely not vote - far more than in other EU member state.

In the June elections, 750 members of the European parliament will be elected by proportional representation to represent some 500 million EU citizens.

The vote is being billed by the EU as the largest trans-national election in history, the reality however will be that it is likely to be the largest trans-national failure in history.

The Libertarian Party will not be standing any candidates in the EU parliamentary elections, it will not give that validity to imposed political union without a referendum of the British people.

If you would like to support the Libertarian Party by donating to its UK General Election fund, please write to us at, or use the Donate button in the sidebar.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The return of the City bonus

Looks like City bonuses are going to cause more moral outrage in the court of public opinion...
BANKS are poised to start handing out multi-million-pound bonuses despite claims that excessive pay helped to fuel the global financial crisis.
Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman Vince Cable told the Standard: "I'm deeply concerned that they seem to have learned nothing from experience.

"It was the bonus culture that led these institutions into taking high risks which led to their collapse or near-collapse."

Of course this crisis had absolutely nothing to do with the Government's decade long easy money, low interest rate policies. Or their spendthrift public finance policies. And it certainly wasn't made any worse by their benevolent bailouts.

It was, in fact, all the fault of evil, covetous bankers.

God, I despair sometimes...

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Brighton's War on Error

Brighton and Hove City Council, the people that brought you the "ban" on plastic bags: yes that's right, the "ban" on plastic bags1, nowwww bring you...


In context: My council tax has just gone up by 3.6%, despite the fact that collections have been missed sometimes for well over a month leaving a mountain of rubbish outside my window, and despite the fact that 'the boys' like to play with the new modern extra-thin bags to demonstrate that they split-open easier than a chavette's lady-garden.

On Saturday, The Argus printed an article2, explaining how residents have been threatened with fines from Brighton and Hove City Council if they put their rubbish out on the wrong day.

Council officials have put letters through doors across Brighton and Hove warning residents it is a criminal offence to put their boxes out on non-collection days.

They tell residents they will be fined if they break the rule – or could even be prosecuted and face being fined up to £2,500 by the courts. Residents are angry about the letter and confused by recent changes in recycling days and new rules for sorting waste.

They described the letters, which are headed Contravention of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, as heavy-handed and draconian.

OK, well I don't use the recycling boxes. There is no incentive for me to do so and it's inconvenient, so I'm safe! Next...

Right, seems the Politburo Council weren't happy with that story, so there's another one3 printed on Monday, containing their response.

A fine would only ever be considered as a last resort in instances where refuse or recycling is repeatedly left out on the wrong day never for a single instance.

The council would much rather collect refuse or recycling on the correct day than issue a fine

It's OK folks! They have the same cautious approach to these things as Tony Blair has to actual war. THANK GOD.

But what's this? That article wasn't creepy-bum-lick enough for the Philosopher Kings Council members. Best write another, and this time don't leave any dry patches.4

city council bosses deserve our sympathies not our scorn[...]dirty rubbish [makes] the process more expensive

...that's as much of that sh*te I'm going to repeat for them. You get the picture; it's a LONG, WHINGING article. I urge you to read it (#4 below), it really is utterly despicable...

...So much so, that I dug around looking for the "Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment (INCPEN)" whose director was interviewed... "Industry & Council..." would be more accurate: in fact it is a classic CORPORATIST construct, chaired by Labour Peer Lord Clinton-Davis (voted for ID cards etc); next in the list "Dame Elizabeth Anson (local government)"; honestly I'm not making this up - there's also a guy from Trading Standards on the list AND they are associated with the Fabian Society! (The list of members was in an MS Word document, just to make it a little more difficult to get to.)

My judgement: like other corporatist elements, INCPEN is there to ensure that the public pay for the excesses of both government and industry; it's more-or-less open that its purpose is to argue against regulation on packaging, but the government have to boss somebody around to meet their targets, so clearly that'll be us. As usual... Surprised? No expected it. Angry? Of course.

But what's this?5 Some REBEL at the Argus has allowed a counter-commentary from a member of the public to be published 15 mins later...

Is bin fine an April Fool's Day Joke?

...Sorry, no, they are actually nuts. Bad luck, and your name will be put on a list of malcontents and 'terrorists'.

1: This makes no sense to me either, but apparently they banned plastic bags, despite not having the power to do so. Suggest amendment to traditional axiom: "[Even absolutely no power can corrupt absolute nobodies]".
2: £75 fine for bin out on wrong day.
3: Recycling fine of £75 in Brighton and Hove defended.
4: Brighton and Hove recycling fines a necessary move.
5: Is bin fine an April Fool's Day Joke?.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Sally Anne Bowman and the DNA database

This came as no surprise to me...
THE mother of murdered London model Sally Anne Bowman today called for a DNA database of everyone in Britain to help police catch rapists and other serious criminals.

Linda Bowman, whose 18-year-old daughter's killer Mark Dixie was caught through the use of a DNA sample, said the reform could prevent dangerous offenders remaining free and stop miscarriages of justice.

Dixie, now 38, was convicted last year of Miss Bowman's murder during a sex attack in Croydon in September 2005. He was arrested after his DNA, taken following his arrest over a pub fight in 2006, was linked to the murder scene.

Despite the awful nature of this crime and the emotional turmoil it will have caused the Bowman family it is clear that Linda Bowman's idea is ridiculous.

There is this silly belief among many that a national DNA database will reduce crime. This beleif is probably based on a an extreme faith in technology. But it won't reduce crime. Because the database will only be as good as the data collected and the people who input it.

Just because someone is on the database doesn't mean you're going to be able to find them. Or that you will find the right person. There will be too many variables. And one can imagine -- based on previous government projects -- that the error rate will be quite high.

In addition hanging didn't stop murder. Maybe it reduced it, but it didn't stop it. So why would a DNA database?

We have to accept there will always be a small percentage of lunatics in our society who will commit crimes. And the only thing we can do to stop them is to take proportionate precautions.

However emotional the argument is we should not throw our Liberty out of the window in attempt to become more secure. It won't work and we will be worse off for it.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Civil Disobedience protest at Data Retention of email

From Monday All your emails, web browsing history and mobile calls will be stored for a year due to sweeping new laws making Britain a proper kleptocracy, by order of the EU.

(On 15 March 2006 the European Union formally adopted Directive 2006/24/EC, on "the retention of data generated or processed in connection with the provision of publicly available electronic communications services or of public communications networks and amending Directive 2002/58/EC")

Your web browsing will be stored from your ISP. The Government will force you to have it all revealed to them from your ISP. IP addresses the works.

Story in the Independent here

As a personal protest, I have created the following email signature, which will be added to each and every email that I send. I see this as a completely responsible act, one which does not break the law, but none-the-less an act of defiance, an act of rebellion against those who would take away my right to privacy, supposedly guaranteed by the European Charter of Human Rights, one which I hope will make those who draft such inept laws pay attention.

The following is a disclaimer and a protest at the collection, retention and sharing of my personal mail by the morally bankrupt state.
By adding a string of key words, it will guarantee that each and every mail that I send will now need to be manually viewed as it is picked up by the auto scan software. If every person in the UK does exactly the same, then the entire system will quickly become so unmanageable, so unwieldy that it will become unworkable.

Key words, bomb, assassinate, president, brown, Osama, Obama, Sargozy, Merkel, government, target, location, rocket, grenade, al-Qaeda, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, UK, America, guns, jets, bombs, machine-gun, terrorists, MP's, pigs, troughs, France, Germany, Italy, nuclear, Korea.

It is time to stop meekly accepting everything that the government throws at us. It is time to stop listening to lily livered politicians who say this is OK, because it really is NOT OK. It is time to stop listening to the apologist organisations or committees who will accept this type of data collection with a rider of wanting a little more protection for the data.

I refuse to be intimidated by my own Government. It is time to make this kind of data collection unworkable. 

Now Government, make me stop !!

p.s. My car is perfectly serviced, I never go walking in the woods alone, and I have no intention of doing anything stupid. (for the record). I have also checked the wording of my ISP agreement, which does not include any reference to the use of keywords.


Most of the attention of expenses abuse has been on the Government, but let us take a look at the likely alternative and how the Tory Party milk the public teat for all it is worth.

The second home allowance was intended, rather reasonably, to allow those MPs who do not possess any great personal wealth to be able to support a London home to allow them to carry out their Parliamentary duties effectively. Part of the problem is that too many aspiring MPs, many never having done a real job nor made any money off their own back, see public office as a means to obtain wealth.

However another problem we see is those MPs who have made or inherited large a great deal of money, and see parliamentary expenses as an opportunity to top up their already lavish lifestyle. Last year the Spectator rather helpfully published a "Shadow Cabinet Rich List'. So let's take a look at how some already wealthy men use the public as a means to further enrich themselves.

Philip Hammond
Wealth: £9m
Second home allowance claimed 2007/08: £23,075

George Osborne
Wealth: £4.3m
Second home allowance claimed 2007/08: £22,994

Jeremy Hunt
Wealth: £4.1m
Second home allowance claimed 2007/08: £11,610

David Cameron
Wealth: £3.2m
Second home allowance claimed 2007/08: £19,626

Dominic Grieve
Wealth: £3.1m
Second home allowance claimed 2007/08: £18,668

Francis Maude
Wealth: £3.1m
Second home allowance claimed 2007/08: £23,083

William Hague
Wealth: £2.2m
Second home allowance claimed 2007/08: £21,376

I really don't want to go on. What does this say about these people's motivation in public office? Needless to say there are plenty more Tories and MPs of all parties abusing expenses in other ways. Yes, I mean you the Robinsons, the Wintertons, Balls and Cooper, Pickles, Spelman, McNulty and the rest of them.

I'll end on a more positive note. In a parliament where half of MPs claim within 10% of the maximum second home allowance, special mentions to few non-London MPs who don't claim any second home expenses - Adam Afriyie (Con), David Howarth (LibDem), Anne Milton (Con), Martin Salter (Lab), Rob Wilson (Con) and all others who take their role seriously.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Another successful evening

We had another great evening at the Rose and Crown last night. I didn't drink too much so I don't have a hang over this morning. Which is nice for once.

But I'm not sure about some of the other vagabonds who attended. They may now have to go and apologise to Harriet Harman for putting the health of the nation at risk.

Special thanks have to go to our North American friends who attended. It was really great to meet you. And I think you may have helped us reach our inclusivity quota for the evening.

It was also nice to see our esteemed leaders Ian and Tim. Particularly Ian who's been hidden away in his mountain fortress for the last few months planning the demise of our statist overlords.

If you missed it -- never mind. There's always next month. And hopefully by May the weather will be even nicer.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Rose and Crown Reminder

Just to remind everyone that if all us pro-capitalist survive the G20 protests today we will be meeting at the Rose and Crown in Southwark tomorrow night.

Anyone is welcome to attend whether you are a party member or not -- or even pro-capitalist or not.

I've also been informed that our illustrious leader Ian PJ will be attending. So it's well worth turning up this month.

For more details see here.

And we hope to see you tomorrow night.