Saturday, 7 March 2009

Welwyn and Hatfield Councillor Scandal...

Well, if you thought it was just MPs that rip us off -- you'd be wrong.

Labour PPC for Welwyn and Hatfield Mike Hobday has a great example of council corruption...
This week's Welwyn Hatfield Times reports that Councillor Paul Smith has been being paid £8,400 a year as a Borough Councillor, while not turning up to any council meeting since November. The paper says that he has missed:

* Six planning committee meetings.
* Four full council meetings.
* One environment and overview scrutiny committee meeting - for which he is paid £3,790 for the role of chairman

You could say that they're robbing us blind.

We really need to start looking into our local councillors to see if we're getting any value for our money.

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