Sunday, 29 March 2009

Miliband and Marr -- nice handshake

Don't know if anyone noticed Miliband shake hands with Marr at the end of the show today.

Just have to wonder what Miliband was saying to Marr?

Actually, no you don't. We all know what he probably said.

"Thanks for the easy ride Andrew."


RichW said...

You've really got it in for Marr.

Not that I blame you though.

TBR said...

Like Peston he's a government stooge. I saw the handshake and thought do politicians normally do that with journalists who are meant to be giving them a grilling.

RichW said...

he's no more (significantly less in fact) chummy than Frost before him.

Anyway if he didn't treat them with kid gloves then they would just refuse to appear...

Anonymous said...

I thought Marr looked a bit poorly - maybe he was saying well done for not puking?

Gandhi said...

Ah now Sir David Frost, if I may...

DF "Today I'm joined by Adolf Hitler. Top of the morning to you Adolf, good morning."

AH "Schweinhund!"

DF "Adolf Hitler, may I ask you a reeally eeeeasy question?"

AH "Ja Ja, aber schnell, bitte!"

DF "Aaadolf Hitler: how are you?"

AH "Ich bin der Fuhrer - dumbkopf! Ich bin der fuhrende ubermensch in der welt! Ich tote Sie!"

DF "Aaadolf Hitler... Thank you."

...It could've happened, he did Dubya.