Monday, 16 March 2009

Litter Pick -- What's Council Tax for?

Another harebrained scheme from St Albans District has come to my attention today.

Seems that instead of me paying St Albans District Council to keep the streets clean. Now I'm meant to keep the streets clean and pay for it...
RESIDENTS are being urged to come together in a bid to clean up the streets of St Albans.

St Albans District Council's annual litter pick will run from March 28 to April 5.

Between this time, schools, youth or community groups, residents' associations, or even a group of friends and neighbours, can rally round to clean their local area.

The council will provide volunteers with the litter picking tools, refuse sacks, gloves and information packs.

Once the litter is gathers, the council's contractor, Enterprise will remove the sacks of rubbish.

Sounds all very nice and "green". Or should that be Orwellian...

Anyway, I only have one question. Why the hell do I pay so much council tax?


John M Ward said...

It depends how it's handled.

If it is just a community exercise to "fill in the gaps" between collections, and/or to deal with places that the council isn't contracted to clean, then it can actually be very useful.

I am one of my area's new Litter Champions and I do exactly that. It is much appreciated by those I meet on my round.

It doesn't replace the council's own services, and indeed we sometimes spot something that needs to be reported in and acted upon — especially needles in less-obvious and perhaps not very visible places.

It is also helping to (slowly!)( change the culture of litter-dropping and encouraging residents to have a greater pride in their locality. The psychology is understood: litter generates more litter, but a lot of would-be litterers don't like to be the first. They just add to what is already there — and only if there is something already there.

John M Ward said...

Of course (as an afterthought) what they do in St Albans might not be the same as we do, which was devised and masterminded by the local Conservative Councillors.