Monday, 30 March 2009

G20 Protests

As the crusty unwashed 'anarchists' take to the streets to protest at the 'free market' at this weeks G20 summit, this weeks events will raise some questions for Libertarians.

We stand for free assembly and the right to protest. These rights should be upheld and defended as the very essence of this nation's long history of liberty.

But as we know, this week's protests are unlikely to pass without acts destruction of private property - another cornerstone of liberty and liberal thought - done in the name of any number of peculiar and incoherent ideologies, but most often in acts of nihilistic spite at those people and organisations that they find personally distasteful.

I hope the law is enforced by the police with sensible restraint but also with a firm approach to those who believe that they are above (or below) the law.

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michelle minton said...

Any defenders of capitalism in the London area might consider jumping in on this pro-capitalism rally tomorrow (4/1/09)