Monday, 30 March 2009

G20 Protests

As the crusty unwashed 'anarchists' take to the streets to protest at the 'free market' at this weeks G20 summit, this weeks events will raise some questions for Libertarians.

We stand for free assembly and the right to protest. These rights should be upheld and defended as the very essence of this nation's long history of liberty.

But as we know, this week's protests are unlikely to pass without acts destruction of private property - another cornerstone of liberty and liberal thought - done in the name of any number of peculiar and incoherent ideologies, but most often in acts of nihilistic spite at those people and organisations that they find personally distasteful.

I hope the law is enforced by the police with sensible restraint but also with a firm approach to those who believe that they are above (or below) the law.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Miliband and Marr -- nice handshake

Don't know if anyone noticed Miliband shake hands with Marr at the end of the show today.

Just have to wonder what Miliband was saying to Marr?

Actually, no you don't. We all know what he probably said.

"Thanks for the easy ride Andrew."

Thursday, 26 March 2009

No democracy for Le Pen

With all the hoo-ha about Dan Hannan's fine speech at the EP many of you may have missed this.
Leading Euro MPs are pushing for a rule change to stop the veteran French far-right leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, from presiding over the European Parliament.

The head of the conservative EPP, the largest bloc, has backed the initiative of the Socialists and Greens to block Mr Le Pen, AFP news agency reports.

As the oldest MEP, Mr Le Pen, 80, could chair the new parliament's inaugural session on 14 July under the rules.

If you needed anymore proof that the people who run the EU don't believe in democracy this is it.

If you change the rules to affect one group of people or in this case an individual you are discriminating.

It doesn't matter if they are a racist, they still deserve their democratic rights.

Quite why our EuroLeaders don't get this is almost beyond me. Until I remember that the EU is one of the most fascist, corrupt organisations created in the history of humanity.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Rose and Crown meet up -- Thursday, April 2nd

Don't the months just fly by... Once again it is time to remind/tell you that next week we have our monthly meet up in the Rose and Crown, Southwark.

The date of the meet is Thursday, April 2nd and we shall be there from 6:30.

This event is open to all so if you're not a party member or even a liberal you're still welcome. However we do make exceptions in relation to members of the government.

If it's your first time at one of these events and you can't find us please ask at the bar. Anna the Landlady will point you in the right direction.

Here's a map...

And we hope to see you next Thursday.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

We can't stop being fascists -- it'll cost too much

On the 'I don't get what all the fuss is about scale' this comment from Jacqui Smith has to be way, way up there...
"As is normal, these contracts have been written to protect the public purse with standard clauses in the event of termination," she said.

"Cancellation of the ID cards contract and partial termination of the application and database contracts would cost in the region of £40 million in the early years.

"Therefore, as I have made clear on many occasions, scrapping ID cards and the identity database will not free up a large fund of money to spend on other priorities."

This issue has precisely nothing to do with cost. The reason we need to get rid of ID cards and the DNA database is because they're fascist. And they'll take us another giant leap closer to 1984.

Either Jacqui Smith is refusing to accept this because she is an evil, fascist maniac. Or she doesn't understand this because she is a moron.

I do hope it's the latter...

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Cause and Effect

Yesterday I posted on the Federal Reserve's decision to pump $1.2 Trillion of funny money in to the US economy.

Today the dollar crashed against every major reserve currency. Obviously the markets believe that harmful inflation is a more likely result than an economic recovery.

Note to Monetary Socialists of all parties: the Market is never wrong. You can no more defy the laws of economics than you can defy the laws of gravity.

The EU's power is easy to miss

Perhaps something that people who are considering voting in the EU elections in June should consider.

Europe's power is easy to miss. Like an 'invisible hand', it operates through the shell of traditional political structures.

The British House of Commons, British law courts, and British civil servants are still here, but they have all become agents of the European Union implementing European law.
This is no accident. By creating common standards that are implemented through national institutions, Europe can take over countries without necessarily becoming a target for hostility… Europe's invisibility allows it to spread its influence without provocation.
- Pro-euro author Mark Leonard

The quotation above might sound like something out of a theory. But Mark Leonard – a passionate advocate of deeper integration - makes an astute observation.

That is why Labour, Conservative nor LibDem will not discuss the EU in the debating chamber, nor in Newspapers or the Internet. We all know its there, but non shall speak its name. Keep the people ignorant of this all pervading hegemony until it is too late for them to do anything about it is the agenda of the ruling elite.

Again I ask the question: What riches have been promised that our MP's act like traitorous thieves in the night.

The Libertarian Party however will speak its name, and continue to warn of the dangers of this ever so slow slide into an unelected post democratic EU empire.

Last week I warned of those who would attempt to trick the British public into believing that they can swap real party led democracy for a post democratic era, yet pretend that this was real democracy in action.

The kind of politics that Jury Team are presenting is clearly the next step in the EUropeanisation of the UK. They have pretty much destroyed our National identity, they have worked well to destroy the national will and fabric of our heritage, and now they will destroy our ability to speak out, to challenge, to defy, to oppose through government by destroying the Party Political system.

Jury Team are there to further the interests of the EU, to neuter any coherent challenge to the working of the unelected in Brussels who would rule us, and the words of EU president José Manuel Barroso make abundantly clear who rules in Europe.

"It is the main political parties and the main political families that really shape the European agenda... Of course these are the most influential families in Europe."

Not me, not you, not our elected representatives, but the most influential families in Europe. The voice of Independents would be blown away in the wind, yet this is the EU that the LibDem's and Conservatives are committed to.

The future of Britain should not be decided by influential families, or by political parties who would collude with them, this is not democracy in any way shape or form. Beware those who would have you believe otherwise.

The Libertarian Party will not be participating in the EU elections, we believe them to be a sham, an elected house of those who are there merely to rubber stamp the decisions made by these influential families, to give the impression of democracy.

The EU parliament cannot make law, only approve that which is already written and laid before them by the EU Commission, which now accounts for over 80% of new laws in Britain.

The Libertarian Party is committed to pulling Britain out of the EU, a position that the British people clearly want, to develop a future outside of the influence of these empire builders, to develop a future for the British people in the best interests of the British people, free from Authoritarian rule.

The LPUK Manifesto is a manifesto for Britain, for the people of Britain, and for the British people to decide their own future. The Libertarian Party is committed to reassert the primacy of our Bill of Rights and Common Law system over the Napoleonic system that has encroached from the continent in recent years.

Government takes propaganda to extreme

Saw this today on the Tube -- made me laugh a lot. Had to be quick to get the picture though -- make sure no one stopped me.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Zimbabwe Solution: Fed pumps $1.2tn into US economy

Hot on the heels of the Bank of England pumping £75 Billion (small change these days) of counterfeit money into the UK economy our American counsins have decided they can do it biggger and better and today have announced that the Federal Reserve will pump $1.2 Trillion into the US Economy.

Now they are dressing it up as 'buying up government debt' and obfuscating matters further with terms like those current buzz words 'quantitative easing' but essentially this amounts to printing money. Money that has no basis in real world wealth or production. Money that merely devalues every penny in the pocket of the taxpayer. The Zimbabwe solution.

Now I don't think that we will go so far along this road that we will see Zimbabwe style hyper-inflation. The reason being is that for the most part, our dear leaders and their economic advisors probably don't really believe this is a rational economic reaction to the crisis. They are pursuing these policies primarily to be seen to be doing something. In this situation doing something is almost certainly worse than doing nothing.

We need to make the argument to the public: Government is not the answer and does not possess the answer. We don't have the answer. But we do realise the limits of our knowledge and the vast extent of our own ignorance. That is why we need a Libertarian Party

ps. We will hopefully have some news on the Libertarian Party South East soon, and on the back of that, I would like to start getting to grips with some local issues. If you want to contribute to this blog on issues in your part of the region or want to let me know about affairs that need covering, please email me at

Monday, 16 March 2009

Litter Pick -- What's Council Tax for?

Another harebrained scheme from St Albans District has come to my attention today.

Seems that instead of me paying St Albans District Council to keep the streets clean. Now I'm meant to keep the streets clean and pay for it...
RESIDENTS are being urged to come together in a bid to clean up the streets of St Albans.

St Albans District Council's annual litter pick will run from March 28 to April 5.

Between this time, schools, youth or community groups, residents' associations, or even a group of friends and neighbours, can rally round to clean their local area.

The council will provide volunteers with the litter picking tools, refuse sacks, gloves and information packs.

Once the litter is gathers, the council's contractor, Enterprise will remove the sacks of rubbish.

Sounds all very nice and "green". Or should that be Orwellian...

Anyway, I only have one question. Why the hell do I pay so much council tax?

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Andrew Marr -- why do we do it...

For some reason I'm watching Andrew Marr again. The only question I can ask is why do I bloody do it?

It's a bit like one of those violent relationship -- I just keep going back.

The only thing I seem to get from it is the ability to add famous people to my socialist watch list.

And today it looks like we can mark Kaye Adams down as another nasty, little socialist.

Oh yes, and isn't Douglas Alexander a cock.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Jury Team - The Verdict

Today sees the launch via the Times of a new concept in politics. No Parties, No policies, just lots of 'Independent' MP's and MEP's.

The Jury Team, as it is to be known, is the brainchild of former Tory grandee and captain of industry Sir Paul Judge. He has written a book, 'The End of the Party', railing against the abuse of democracy and government by the partisan system.

The concept is an interesting one, lots of independents representing the people rather than a Party. So what exactly will these 'Independents' be representing, themselves or the wishes of their constituents?.

Those who vote for them will know that 1 individual at least has put up a platform, but 1 out of many hundreds of other independents who may have, or probably will have other interests, will have put up a completely different platforms. I am afraid that 1 MP or MEP will never be heard, will never change anything, will never have an impact on, anything.

We know within the Libertarian Party, and I suggest that it is no different in other Parties, that to coalesce thoughts and ideas into policies that can be presented to the electorate is a difficult path. With so many strands of Libertarianism it has been likened to herding cats, but we have managed to put together a manifesto that reflects good Libertarian principled values, and we can speak with one voice in explaining those values.

Jury Team tell us that beyond signing up to the sleaze busting, "our candidates pick their own policies and would be completely un-whipped". So what exactly would voters be voting for?.

Have we grown so used to government lacking policy ideas that we want to create just that on purpose?. Looking at Westminster, 646 Independent MP's means 646 different ideas on how a country should be governed, but then maybe that's the idea. Divide and Rule is very EU.

Surely this is the dawn of post democratic Britain, a communitarian dream, and to leave it totally open to 646 MP's who don't have a clue where they are going beyond transparency is a recipe for sheer chaos, vested interests and corruption.

I could not support someone who didn't know where they were going, could not tell me why, but only wanted to let me know that when they got there, wherever that may be, they would like to let me know they did so honestly.

Their initial stance of cleaning up sleaze, making politicians more accountable, making the system more directly democratic, and trying to make government more transparent, are all policies to be found in the Libertarian Manifesto, and whilst for Jury Team this is very admirable, then what? This is surely the same problem that UKIP has always had, out of Europe, then what?

After cleaning up Westminster, do they just sit around twiddling their thumbs? Waiting for the EU to tell them to rubber stamp some more legislation, providing the now leaderless, rudderless British with a continual stream of ever more regulation, ever more costly solutions to problems that don't exist, that lines the pockets of the vested interests of those who have lobbied the EU Commission for the next set of rules. Whatever the EU commission wants, it will get. I will let Gunter Verheugen, Vice-President of the European Commission explain.

The kind of politics that Jury Team are presenting is clearly the next step in the EUropeanisation of the UK. They have pretty much destroyed our National identity, they have worked well to destroy the national will and fabric of our heritage, and now they will destroy our ability to speak out, to challenge, to defy, to oppose through government by destroying the Party Political system.

Is this to be the future, powerless individual figures who will, because they do not have that strength of unity or purpose, merely have to enact whatever is put before them.

Without a purpose, without a coherent vision that the voting public can debate and support, and without a single collective voice these 'Independents' may just as well take a fishing boat into the North Sea and shout the odds in every direction from afar, because no-one in Europe will be listening.

MP's following party policies you can vote in, and you can vote them out again if you don't like how they govern, but the EU you can never vote out.

It should be remembered that within the EU it is the EU Commission that draws up legislation, not the EU parliament. Even with the strongest of Party blocs in the EU parliament it is difficult to oppose and debate to raise amendments, but without that Party system, without policies that guide that Party and the governance that they represent, you are no longer governed at all, you are ruled.

Yes, it is an interesting concept, but a concept that is founded in Communitarianism, a concept that means you will lose your freedom to choose the way that Britain is governed in the way you want it governed, this is a concept that is to surrender to the will of the EU forever.

Sir Paul Judge tells us:
We need to make our democracy more open, our politicians more accountable, and our government more transparent. That won't happen as long as the party oligarchies retain a stranglehold on our democratic choices.

Yes Sir Paul, we do need to make our democracy more open, yes our politicians need to be more accountable, but surrendering our ability to protect our democratic choices to the EU is not the way to do it.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Welwyn and Hatfield Councillor Scandal...

Well, if you thought it was just MPs that rip us off -- you'd be wrong.

Labour PPC for Welwyn and Hatfield Mike Hobday has a great example of council corruption...
This week's Welwyn Hatfield Times reports that Councillor Paul Smith has been being paid £8,400 a year as a Borough Councillor, while not turning up to any council meeting since November. The paper says that he has missed:

* Six planning committee meetings.
* Four full council meetings.
* One environment and overview scrutiny committee meeting - for which he is paid £3,790 for the role of chairman

You could say that they're robbing us blind.

We really need to start looking into our local councillors to see if we're getting any value for our money.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

LPUK meet up reminder...

This is just a quick message to remind everyone that we're having our monthly meet up tomorrow night -- March 5th. As usual it's at the Rose and Crown pub in Southwark.

We'll be there from 6:30. And it's open to all -- so if you've interested in finding out more about the LPUK please come along.

For a map and more info see this post.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Teachers to be forced to promote "equality"

According to the Telegraph teachers are going to be forced to promote equality...
Church schools could be forced to promote Islam and homosexuality under a new legally-binding code of conduct for teachers, it is feared.

The code is accused of undermining the religious ethos of Christian schools by promoting secular morality and will discriminate against devout staff and drive them out of the classroom, the Roman Catholic church has warned.

As The Daily Telegraph disclosed last month, the General Teaching Council – the profession's regulator – has published a draft code of conduct that all teachers will have to sign.

It will be used by the GTC in assessing misconduct cases, but also by school governors and local authorities in recruitment and discipline.

Principle 4 of the draft code states that teachers must "proactively challenge discrimination" and "promote equality and value diversity in all their professional relationships and interactions".

Oh the irony...

If this is true and or comes to fruition it can only be described as a big load of lefty bollocks.

The only and best response to this sort of thing comes from Big Gay Al...
Look, I appreciate what you kids did; really, I really do. But this isn't what I wanted. I'm proud to be gay. And I'm proud to be in a country where I'm free to express myself. But freedom is a two-way street. If I'm free to express myself, then the Scouts have to be free to express themselves, too. I know these men. They are good men. They are kind men. They do what they think is best for kids. No matter how wrong we think they might be, it isn't right for us to force them to think our way. It's up to us to persuade, and help them see the light, not extort them to. Please, don't cut the Scouts' funding. The Scouts help and have always helped a lot of kids. That's why I love them. I will continue to persuade them to change their mind, but this is the wrong way to do it. So, I am hereby dropping my case, and allowing the Scouts their right to not allow gays into their private club.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Convention report and other things...

Well I don't know about anyone else but I'm worn out. Yesterday was quite the day -- most enjoyable.

As you'll be aware I and a few others were unable to attend the 'real' convention on liberty. But from the reports on Lord Goldsmith's speech I don't think we missed much.

The alternative convention, however, was quite the success, with people coming and going throughout the day.

We enjoyed the company of some of the finest Libertarian bloggers. Most notably DK, Mr Paine and The Nameless Libertarian. And as usual we enjoyed good conversation along with a drink or two.

Thanks to everyone who attended -- you made it a great and worthwhile day out. And hopefully next year the Libertarian Party will have more of a role to play at the 'real' convention.

However if you missed the fun yesterday -- don't be too disappointed. Cos on Thursday -- March 5th -- we have our regular London meet up in Rose and Crown, Southwark.

As usual we'll be meeting from 6:30. And this month it's well worth attending because I've been informed that a very special guest may make an appearance.

Here's a map...

We hope to see you there.