Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Keep on Bailing

$1.5 Trillion. What next? $5 Trillion? $10 Trillion? $100 Trillion?

How much money can they print?

Unfortunately these sort of actions will only encourage our equally foolish Government. At least the Republican opposition are actually opposing this economic idiocy while Her Majesty's loyal opposition is loyally egging on Brown to spend more money.


Gandhi said...

Gimme a break Rich, the GOP aren't opposed to the spending per se, they're just positioning themselves so that they can claim the Dems are making it worse.

If the GOP were serious about conservative spending they wouldn't have created the world's biggest ever deficit while they were in power.

TBR said...

True Gandi, but there are a few legitimate Republicans like Ron Paul.

The closest we've got over here is Redwood and as we said down the pub the other night he's not exactly liked.

But just think what constructive things they could do with $1.5 trillion. If I had just a fraction of that I'd set about building my Dr Evil island. And then spend my time holding the world to ransome so they could never afford to over spend again. Muhahahaha...

RichW said...

The GOP got what they deserved in the last couple of rounds of elections, but at least the freedom of opposition has allowed them to restore some sense of principle into their politics. The Tories can't even manage that.

Interestingly I read the other day that the Federal deficit in Obama's first year could equal the ENTIRE Bush deficit. Worrying indeed.

Anonymous said...

With them printing all that money how come we never see any of it? They did a third world debt write off - how about a debt write off for the UK?

TBR said...

Mutley I believe that's called bankruptcy and it may happen quite soon.