Thursday, 26 February 2009

Fred Goodwin and our naive Government

If this hadn't cost me money this would be one of the funniest unintended consequences of the bailout...
Sir Fred Goodwin, former RBS chief executive, refused to bow to government pressure to hand back some of his £16m pension pot on Thursday, as a row erupted over his claim that ministers approved the deal last year.

Sir Fred, 50, was said to be furious to find details of his pension arrangements made public, with politicians lining up to condemn his early retirement deal.

This just wouldn't have happened if RBS had gone bust. Or at least it would have been a whole lot more difficult for Sir Fred to claim his gold plated pension.

It's things like this that reveal our Government's mindless naivety. The whole point of bailing out a business is so they can continue to do...

What was that...

Oh yes... Business.

And that means they have to continue to service their contract obligations. Honestly, what precisely did our Government think was going to happen?

All I can say is that once again the Daily Mash have it down to a T...
AHA ha ha ha ha ha ha, aha ha ha, aha ha ha ha ha, former Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive Sir Fred Goodwin said last night.

The disgraced banker spoke out while bent over double in an Edinburgh street, slapping his knee as his cheeks took on a deep, rosy pink colour.

Becoming light-headed, he was then forced to crouch down with his head buried in his hands while his shoulders began to jiggle uncontrollably.

Minutes later the 50 year-old pensioner stood up and attempted to compose himself before his face erupted once again and he began waving frantically as if to stay, 'no, stop, stop, I can't take it any more'.

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