Sunday, 15 February 2009

Equality at the Olympics

This is an interesting story on the Olympics...
Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell wants to change rules that bar women from competing in as many events as men by the 2012 Games, it has emerged.

Ms Jowell said it is wrong that under Olympic and Paralympic regulations men can take part in 40 more medal events than women - 164 compared to 124.

A rule change would allow women to compete in boxing and heavyweight wrestling and men in synchronised swimming and rhythmic gymnastics.

Ms Jowell and Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe have written to UK Sport chiefs asking them to investigate a "gender discrepancy" and to press for equal opportunity at the London Games.

I have to say I generally agree with this. But I do have a few points.

First -- what's the likleyhood of Labour being in power in 2012? I'd say highly unlikely. Therefore what's the likelihood of them seeing this through?

Second -- how much demand is there among men to do synchronised swimming or women to do heavyweight wrestling? Surely due to lack of interest there is going to be some discrepancy between the number of events carried out by men and women.

And finally -- what's the likelihood of getting this past the IOC?

I'd say it's about as likely as Labour being in power in 2012.

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