Saturday, 21 February 2009

BNP must be banned from using patriotic songs

I'm seriously beginning to question who is more fascist -- Labour or the BNP?

According to my local rag our Labour MEP wants the law changed so the BNP can't use patriotic songs for propaganda reasons...
ONE of St Albans' MEPs is calling for the law to be changed to stop the far right British National Party (BNP) using Dame Vera Lynn's famous wartime songs.

Labour's Richard Howitt said: ““It’s shocking that the BNP can use iconic songs like The White Cliffs of Dover without the artist’s permission and against her wishes.

“I am saddened that a song popular with a generation who fought Nazi ideology is now being used to raise money for people who share their politics.

“Dame Vera is right to seek action against the BNP and Labour MEPs will do our best to support her."

He and his colleagues will try in the spring to persuade the European Parliament to extend copyright to last for a performer's lifetime.

The BNP is raising funds for its European election campaign by selling a CD including Dame Vera's hits such as All Alone In Vienna and The White Cliffs Of Dover.

Only idiots support the BNP. But who on earth can support this fascist claptrap?

It's quite clear that large parts of the Labour Party are no better than the BNP. And this Richard Howitt seems to be a fine example.

The only problem is that the Labour Party are in power.

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