Saturday, 7 February 2009

Andrew Marr -- why won't you interview someone liberal?

Bit of a live blog here. Currently subjecting myself to the Andrew Marr Show -- again. And this week it really is the most bland, pro-state show I've ever seen.

I just wish for once he'd interview someone with a liberal opinion. Especially on the bloody economy. But considering he works for the state broadcaster I doubt he ever will.

So to make up for it here's an interview with Ron Paul from YouTube.



RichW said...

Where's the British Ron Paul?

There is not one prominent MP (or non-prominent for that matter) that is advancing these arguments as far as I can see.

Also look out for the other two American politicians worth their salt - Gary 'Veto' Johnson - a genuine libertarian Republican with Gubernatorial experience and Mark Sanford - a real small government conservative with the record to back it up.

Gandhi said...

Yep, sadly classical liberalism died out in Britain approx 100 years ago; squeezed by the class-warfare of Labour vs Conservatives.

Those guys basically poo-poo'ed Ron Paul at the end; in Britain it'd be worse, he'd not get more than 30 secs before he was shouted down O'Reilly-style.

Andrew Marr is a major hate-figure for me ever since a conversation with Patricia Hewitt (then Health Sec):

PH "But Andrew before these reforms, indebted hospitals were being bailed-out by the surplus from well managed hospitals."

AM "Sounds like a pretty good system!"

*Shocked Wheeze*

Roger Thornhill said...

Ron Paul confuses people because they are so used to hearing some Government "plan".

He just says let the debt find its own value then the money will go to it and liquidate it.

Most people cannot cope with that, they want a bailout, some "hand" to come in and gather it up.

Even America has got used to the Statist response.