Saturday, 10 January 2009

London meet up success

The meet up at the Rose and Crown in London was a great success on Thursday.

In all about 10 people showed up throughout the night. And this included some non-members which was great to see.

Drinks of every kind were enjoyed by all. And discussion was had on everything from 'Israel' right through to some rather terrible thoughts on Gordon Brown. Terrible for Gordon, that is.

We will be doing the same again in February. So if you're interested please pop along.

And remember -- next weekend there is a meet up in Hertfordshire. So if you can't wait until February why not join the LPUK there.

Thanks to everyone who came. And we hope to see you again soon.


Guthrum said...

Well done chaps and dare I wish chapesses ?

Henry North London said...

There were no female Lpuk there

I made it

Met some rather nice people

Gandhi said...

Was good to see so many there, will plan to be there again next time. The chapess ratio will need work, Rohypnol was suggested and rejected as a solution.

TBRRob said...

I believe we have a chapess who couldn't make it. Also the Landlady is an honorary member.

I believe we will get a few more over time.

Yasmin said...

How about a weekend meetup?
I'd love to go along but I live outside London and can't get in for a weeknight meetup.

Oh, and I'm a female LPUK member!

Henry North London said...

Come to the Rickmansworth on on Saturday Yasmin

Gandhi said...

Many of us are going to this:

Saturday 28th Feb