Friday, 16 January 2009

The economy -- take action or do nothing?

Over at Labour List they have a 'nice' little video criticising Tory policy on the economy. They say...
This crisis requires action
Not just a lot of words

Yes, it's all very Batman and Robin...

But you see, this is the thing. Is this really true? Should we be taking action?

Cos while the Tories may be making a rubbish argument for doing nothing. A few others are making a very good argument for doing nothing.

Take ex-Quantum Fund Manager Jim Rogers for example. He has some very 'lazy' ideas on the economy...

So who do you believe...

The Labour Government or Jim Rogers?

Take action or do nothing?

No experience Brown or investment guru Rogers?

Bailout or bankruptcy?

£1 trillion in the red (minimum) or 4,200% return on investment over ten years?

It's a hard one -- real hard...

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