Sunday, 25 January 2009

Confessions of an ex-Tory

I have spent most of my (short) adult life as a Conservative. I have recently seen fit to follow another course. There are I know a number of ex-tory Libertarians who like myself also chose to mistakenly believe that in the absence of any credible small government alternative in British politics that the Conservative Party was the best vehicle we have for achieving libertarian goals.

My values haven’t changed. I am not a conservative in the Libertarian Party, I was a libertarian in the Conservative Party. If you pursue this course there comes a point when you come to notice if you keep voting (or even campaigning) for the lesser evil, you cannot be surprised when all you get is evil. The recent confused thrashing of the Tory Party in the face of the current financial crisis and my personal experience of those who consider themselves the future leaders of the Tory Party leads me to one inescapable conclusion: the Conservative Party is at best intellectually corrupt, at worst intellectually bankrupt.

Does David Cameron understand the damage this government is doing to this country and to the finances of an entire generation? Does he understand the damage the Conservative leadership is doing to the cause of small government by failing to oppose the utter, utter stupidity of Gordon Brown’s government?

I look forward to working for a cause which has my unqualified support. I hope those in the Conservative Party (or any party) who share our views will do likewise and consider joining the Libertarian Party. Now there’s no-one as zealous as a convert, so I’ll leave it at that for my first post on Libertarian Party South East Blog.