Thursday, 18 December 2008

UK Libertarian Party applies tests to policies/legislation

As talk of a February election is now being discussed in the media and questions are being asked about the extent to which we live in a big brother state, The Libertarian Party in the UK is increasingly using a series of tests, which were announced earlier this year, to check the Big Government and Statist values of any policies or legislation put forward by Political Parties, Local Authorities, Quangos and the EU.

The Libertarian Test

Test 1 is the Liberty Test.
Q: Is this policy or legislation really for the benefit of the individual in the UK, or is it only in the interests of Corporations or Government to the detriment of the individual.
A: It must fulfil the first part or it is not good law for the UK.

Test 2 is the Stalin Test.
Q: Would Stalin have found such a policy or legislation useful in furthering his state control apparatus.
A: If so, it is not good law for the UK.

Test 3: Rule of law
Q: Does the policy/legislation respect the rule of law and basic rules of English jurisprudence?
A: If not, it's not good law for the UK.

You may see Libertarian Blogs and Press Releases applying these tests, which we would like to see being used more and more as policy announcements are made by the current Government, Tories and LibDems in order to fool voters that their brand of Big Government Statism will be so much better for you.

The Libertarian Party is committed to making the life of the individual one which is free from Government interference, and to disentangle Corporate interests and government legislation.

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Anonymous said...

I live in the South East - may I join?

Henry North London said...

Join away

I certainly want to stand as a candidate

Anonymous said...

How do I join?

Henry North London said... Or use the join links on my blog