Saturday, 13 December 2008

St Albans meet up -- fun had by all

Today's meet up in The Boot -- St Albans -- was quite the success. Despite the health and safety issues of wind and rain -- which would have threatened any government meeting -- 5 members turned out.

As the picture shows we enjoyed a few drinks. And had a good chat about politics, philosophy and policy.

We hope to organise another meeting in Hertfordshire after Christmas. Probably Rickmansworth. So if you know that area -- why not come along.

Also don't forget about the regular London meet ups in the Rose and Crown Southwark. Next one is penciled in for January 8th.

You will notice we disguised the identity of the members in the picture. This is due to the obvious threat they pose to the 'state'.

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Henry North London said...

Sorry I couldnt make it but I was indisposed