Monday, 15 December 2008

St Albans councilors enjoy tour of BB lab...

Two St Albans' councilors have been shown the time of their lives. Courtesy of the ever popular Big Brother.

The lucky councilors were given a guided tour of one of Big Brother's secretest labs. Where he devises all his plans to catch those nasty 'state enemies'...
A HIGH-SECURITY lab in Sandridge normally closed to members of the public has at last flung open its doors to reveal some of the vital work carried out there.

The Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) may only be known to people who live in the area as the 'place on the hill with a mast'.

However, in scientific circles it has an international reputation for conducting investigations which help the police to catch criminals, terrorists and keep the public safe.

As the lab remains extremely secluded due to the sensitive nature of the research undertaken there, it tends to get forgotten about.

But last week leader of St Albans District Council Robert Donald and councillor Chris Oxley were given a guided tour of the secure facility to discover more about its fundamental role in helping to cut crime.

They saw all of Big Brother's new toys. Including finger printing systems and weapon detectors.

And they were so impressed they heaped praise on Big Brother's work. Well, who wouldn't...
Councillor Oxley said: “I have lived in sight of the mast for over 30 years and had not been aware of the superb work being done by such a dedicated team of highly skilled scientists.

"I consider it a real privilege to be shown just a sample of how HOSDB helps us live in a civilised and reduced crime environment.

Doesn't it make you feel warm and cuddly inside? To know they're helping us live in a more civilised world.

Just think how well you'll sleep knowing Big Brother is watching over you. Keeping all those nasty 'state enemies' at bay...


Citizen Stuart said...

It doesn't actually sound that sinister to me, on the face of it. Policing is one of the legitimate functions of government, and forensics is part of that.

TBRRob said...

Call me a cynic then. Also I'm not sure it has too much to do with the policing that you or I think of.