Monday, 29 December 2008

LPUK demands investigation into Norwich City Council

Well I hope you all had a merry Christmas. And are looking forward to lots of fun over the New Year.

Anyway today I thought it sensible to point you in the direction of Barry Chambers.

Barry is the LPUK Parliamentary Candidate for Norwich South. And he's demanding an independent investigation into the Homes Scandal that is rocking Norwich City Council.
Norwich City Council launched an internal investigation after it was revealed staff were living in properties which elderly tenants had been evicted from ahead of a proposed redevelopment.

The story made national headlines, with Kristina Reeves, City Hall's £52,000-a-year head of neighbourhood housing, one of 18 council staff who moved into the homes in Greyhound Opening ahead of the redevelopment.

Barry believes it's time the people of Norwich vote in a new council. As he points out this may only be the tip of the iceberg.
The electorate has no say over who is employed in their council and rely on the elected councilors to represent them in these issues. This clearly does not work. Maybe the time has arrived to remove all the present elected councilors and to elect new people within whom we can have some trust.

We should call for an external investigation into all of the council's affairs, because this one issue may only be the tip of the iceberg! What lies below, we may wonder.

Do go and read Barry's full post and show him your support. Especially if you live in Norwich.

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