Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Council questionnaire advice needed

I have just received a questionnaire from my local council in Essex, asking for me to fill in four pages of energy efficiency information about the property I rent. Do I:

a. fill it in correctly and send it back?

b. fill it in incorrectly and send it back?

c. send it back telling them to naff off?

d. send an anonymous letter telling them to naff off?

e. ring up the jobsworth head of the department, tell him that I live on private property and it is none of his damn business as long as I keep paying for the energy I use, on top of his wages?


TBRRob said...

I like E.

Gandhi said...

f. File with demands for immediate payment of TV license

TBRRob said...

I had this today as well. I may have some fun with it.